Try This Secret Tip to Attract, Kill More Coyotes

If you hunt deer and predators, be sure to use this secret tip to attract and kill more coyotes this season to extend your opportunities in the woods.

Try This Secret Tip to Attract, Kill More Coyotes

More than 10 million of you will be tramping through the deer woods in the coming months. A few of you will find success, and with success comes another hunting opportunity. It's a common sense opportunity, but somewhat of a secret tip to attract and kill more coyotes.

When you field-dress your deer, the internal organs, aka the gut pile, give you the ability to immediately attract predators. The top predator from coast to coast that could slink in for a meal is, of course, the wily coyote.

If you hunt near home this gifts you a great chance to  jumpstart your fur gathering. If you happen to be on a deer hunting trip it could give you an added hunting opportunity, especially if you tag out early.

First, check your state regulations to confirm if baiting coyotes is legal. Most states allow baiting for coyotes, but several still regulate this species so do the research. After confirmation, plan ahead. Be prepared ahead of time for the chance to leave a gut pile in a predator-hunting-friendly environment.

Scout woodland openings, field corners, clear cuts and out-of-sight locations. You may wish to locate away from your deer hunting area if someone else is still hunting. Search for a locale where a coyote would feel comfortable visiting day or night. Knowing the direction of the prevailing wind is a must to ensure your ambush site is upwind of the bait area. You may even want to pre-locate a good tree for a treestand perch or even some brush to hide a ground blind for a hidden advantage.

Also plan on how you can either move the gut pile or remove the deer before dressing it, and taking it to the location of your choosing. Gutting the animal at your pre-determined ambush site places it precisely and it also keeps your deer hunting area free of marauding coyotes that could spook deer others may be hunting.

Don’t wait too long to hunt the smelly attraction. A family group of coyotes could show up overnight and make it disappear before you even have a chance to hunt it. In low-density coyote areas it could prove to be an attraction for several days though. Plus, once you set the table you don’t have to stop, especially if you’re hunting around home.

Continue to acquire any food scraps, preferably meat, and continue to replenish the bait pile. Restaurants, meat processors and even grocery stores may have scraps available for you to collect.  You can even hoard your own table scraps and the venison carcasses from friends to add to your trap.

Hopefully you’ll have a successful deer season, but nothing says the hunting has to stop after you gut your deer.

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