Walleye Video: Bottom Bouncing in Canada on a Budget

If you dream of catching lots of Canada walleyes, but don’t have the money for a fly-in adventure, then check out Manitoba’s Q Lake — and pack plenty of spinners and bottom bouncers.

Walleye Video: Bottom Bouncing in Canada on a Budget

Pop quiz: What’s the best way to find and catch summertime walleyes on a new lake? In the video below, fishing pro and TV personality Jason Mitchell offers a good answer — bottom bouncing crawlers — and better yet, he provides a step-by-step demo on exactly how does it.

The 23-minute segment is shot at Manitoba’s Quesnel Lake, a classic Canadian Shield lake that intrigues Mitchell for a variety of reasons, and it provides the perfect classroom for this on-the-water tutoring session.

“If you’re looking for phenomenal fishing on a budget, you can come here and have the time of your life, and it doesn’t take much,” said Mitchell. “It’s a short drive, and it’s cheap once you get here.”

Mitchell likes the “new” lake because it’s a classic deep structure lake for walleyes, which allows him to explore and adapt his go-to approach. His typical rule of thumb when bottom bouncing is 1-ounce of weight for every 10 feet of depth, but the rocky structure on Quesnel Lake (Q Lake) prompts Mitchell to bump up his weight to release less line, fish more vertical and keep his bottom bouncers from getting hung up too often.

The video reveals his exact setup (a Northland Baitfish Spinner Rig) which is helpful, but what elite anglers will enjoy most in this video is seeing how Mitchell uses electronics and reads his fishfinder to interpret structure, decipher walleyes from other species, and quickly find the highest percentage spots on a lake he’s never previously fished.

As the “dog days of summer” hit full stride, it’s a timely video demo on a highly productive August approach for walleyes anywhere — and a little eye candy spotlighting a beautiful drive-to destination that Mitchell points out can be enjoyed on a very modest budget.


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