3.4-Pound White Bass Caught in O.H. Ivie Reservoir in Texas

We recently published a story about the numerous double-digit largemouth bass coming from O.H. Ivie Reservoir in Texas, and now it has produced a possible new lake record white bass.

3.4-Pound White Bass Caught in O.H. Ivie Reservoir in Texas

We recently received an email from Jimmy Gray, a frequent visitor of the Grand View Outdoors website, regarding a fishing trip he took with his dad to O.H. Ivie Reservoir in Texas.

Jimmy wrote: “I saw your article about O.H. Ivie Reservoir and wanted to share some pics of a pending lake record white bass my father caught over the weekend at the same lake (photo above).   

“With the explosion of the huge largemouth bass being caught on O.H. Ivie, I canceled my deep sea fishing trip and called my dad and told him we need to get in on the action at Ivie instead.  I am from San Angelo, Texas, so it's a short trip for me. My dad lives in Midland, Texas, so I told him to fire up the RV and I met him at the lake at Kennedy Park. 

“The first day there, we ran into the famous Jimmy Houston; this was quite a surprise. He was telling us about how he was at Ivie last week with a film crew, and they will soon air two shows. We can't wait to check them out.  

“We didn't catch any double-digit largemouth; in fact, the biggest largemouth we caught was 4 pounds. But I’m not complaining, we had a blast!

“We found some white bass, and they were not small by any means. When my dad pulled in a monster white, my first words were, ‘That's gotta be a lake record.’ 

“I had never seen a white bass this big. I pulled up the Texas Parks & Wildlife records on my smartphone and sure enough, Dad's fish, which weighed 3.4 pounds and measured just shy of 18 inches, was bigger than the previous lake record of 2.84 pounds. It was caught in 1997. This made the trip even better. We had the fish weighed on the official scales at Kennedy Park (photo below).

“Dad has submitted the paperwork today for his white bass and should hear something back soon from TP&W. This was an awesome trip for my father and me. We are both avid fishermen, and love to share these stories with friends and family.”

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