What's Your 2020 Hunting New Year's Resolution?

It's time to nail down your 2020 New Year's resolutions. Here are some from the staff here at Grand View Outdoors.

What's Your 2020 Hunting New Year's Resolution?

Everybody has a goal for the new year. Most people drop them before the month is up. But hunters are a dedicated, goal-oriented bunch by nature. Whether it’s trophy hunts, personal records, more time on stand, or taking on new challenges, hunters are bound to have numerous — actually attainable — goals that are a little more interesting than “go to the gym” or “read more books.” Maybe this is the year to finally bag that record buck or cross off a bucket list hunt. Or maybe you’d like to get a loved one into the hobby or just spend more time in the woods than last year. Do you have a particularly unusual resolution? Perhaps you actually want to hunt LESS often in 2020, or at least change up the schedule a bit.

The Grand View Outdoors staff chimes in on their hunting and outdoor goals for 2020. 

Dave Maas, Senior Editor for Bait & Tackle Business, Bowhunting World, Archery Business and Whitetail Journal 

Believe it or not, my 2020 resolution when it comes to whitetails is to hunt LESS. Let me explain. 

During autumn 2019 — up until Halloween — I spent all my weekends and holidays in the duck blind with my 17-year-old son Elliott. This was a major change for me; for the previous 20 years, I bowhunted whitetails in September and October on a prime 160-acre river-bottom in eastern South Dakota.

When I finally started pursuing SoDak whitetails in 2019 — Halloween morning — I couldn’t believe the amount of buck sign revealed as darkness turned to day. It became crystal clear that several mature bucks had spent September and October on the property because I’d been away chasing ducks. Every year prior to 2019, most of the mature bucks lived elsewhere and passed through my river-bottom only when searching for a hot doe.

As a result of my son’s passion for ducks, the entire half-mile of river-bottom had become a big buck sanctuary. It’s not a coincidence that two of my buddies and I quickly punched our 2019 archery tags after only a few days of trying.

My 2020 whitetail resolution: Chase ducks until Halloween.

Beginning on Halloween 2019, Senior Editor Dave Maas (center) invited two of his buddies to join him in South Dakota to pursue whitetails, and all three quickly tagged mature bucks.
Beginning on Halloween 2019, Senior Editor Dave Maas (center) invited two of his buddies to join him in South Dakota to pursue whitetails, and all three quickly tagged mature bucks.

Hilary Dyer, Group Managing Editor for Grand View Outdoors

To get in better shape for hunting. I want to drop some pounds and gain some leg strength and cardio endurance to make all kinds of hunting easier. I’ve huffed and puffed my way up too many mountains and struggled my way through too many marshes and swamps. I’m done! Realistically, I’m not going to go from creampuff to sheep-hunting shape in a year, but it’s time to join a gym and start making progress in the right direction.  

I also want to put together a long-range precision rifle setup in 2020. I’ve gotten ahead of myself and already acquired a scope for it — now I need to decide whether I want to go with a competition-style gun (probably in 6mm Creedmoor) or a hunting rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor or .308.

Scott Mayer, Editor in Chief for Tactical Retailer

My New Year's hunting resolution is to learn how it works in South Carolina.

I just moved to South Carolina from Arizona where the hunting laws couldn't be more different. Having grown up in Virginia, I'm experienced with the hunting tactics of the East Coast, but I have to learn the new seasons, hunting areas and laws unique to my new home state.

Alan Clemons, Editor for Bait & Tackle Business, Digital Editor for Predator Xtreme, Shooting Sports Retailer and Tactical Retailer

I never make resolutions. I don't chant mantras or affirmations, set yearly goals or do anything like that. Three weeks from now almost all resolutions will be blown apart like a Tannerite target downrange from a Barrett 50-caliber capgun. What I try to do is be better, all around, in whatever I'm doing: husband, parent, friend, writer, co-worker, angler, hunter, target shooter or trail runner. I'll work toward doing more outdoors stuff in 2020, having a more diverse reading list, and catching more fish. 

Derrick Nawrocki and his 2016 Kansas buck.
Derrick Nawrocki and his 2016 Kansas buck.

Derrick Nawrocki, President and Publisher for Grand View Outdoors

To forget the two-year bowhunting dry spell I am under and continue to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I always tell friends, family, and new hunters that if you really love the outdoors then you will really love bowhunting, because judging your success is NOT about what you harvest but what experiences and memories you bring back from the field, and I truly believe that. Despite a two-year drought in the field, my New Year’s resolution is to keep grinding away and at some point, I will bring home another successful harvest like this great buck I lucked into in Kansas in 2016.

Mike Schoblaska, Digital Editor

My hunting New Year’s resolution is to explore and hunt more public land. I’ve been blessed with private hunting land most of my life, but it’s a two-hour drive from home. Not exactly the kind of place I could hunt after work, or even on an afternoon off. Too often I’ve decided against hitting public land spots simply because I figure they’re crowded with hunters at the time or otherwise receive too much hunting pressure. But in 2020 I am going to force myself to do some e-scouting to try and eliminate some spots, then burn some boot rubber checking out the more promising locations. There’s a 3,000-acre block of public land just 20 minutes from my house that’s been calling my name. This year, I’ll answer the call.

What’s your hunting New Year’s resolution for 2020?


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