Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 3

Bauserman braves the heat in a ground blind with sights set on a water tank and a big buck.
Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 3

Well, I opted for the ground blind this morning. Why? I finally watched a giant buck water at a tank that I've been keeping an eye on for a few weeks — a tank I put my good buddy on last year where he shot his best buck to date.

The bad news: There is a lot of water on the prairie, and we've had a ton of rain.

The good news: According to my last eve's camera pull, this buck has sipped water from the tank I'm currently situated 30 yards from two of the last four days.

Temperatures are expected to reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit today, which should work in my favor. I caught a glimpse of the buck and his quintet of ladies this morning, but they've since moved off and to the south of my position. This blind was one of the last that I got in (only three days before the opener), and I'm hoping the goats in the area continue to accept it.image1

Yes, I have a couple of other blinds with more quantity, but this particular spot is all about quality. It's a long season, and I have no problem baking in a hot box, pulling a spot-and-stalk or running a decoy. It's all about patience and dedication.

To keep cool and hydrated in the blind, I'm toting my Canyon Coolers Quest Soft Cooler. This handy cooler boasts backpack straps and a padded back support. I was able to stuff four 32 ounce Gatorades and a 32-ounce stainless-steel water bottle in this baby. I love this thing! It's a great new addition to my in-the-blind arsenal.

It only took a minute to lift the binos and glasses up for me to see a small buck about 400 yards in the distance.

More to come from the pronghorn blind... Stay tuned.


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