Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 10

Bauserman continues to rough it in the Colorado wilderness in pursuit of a big bull elk. Read on to find out how Day 10 is going.
Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 10

Location: Southern Colorado
Temperature: 65 degrees and dropping
Weather: Partly sunny
Wind: 0 to 5 mph from the west with thermals pulling down

It's the evening of Day No. 5 in the Colorado elk woods, and we've opted to pack a pair of Millennium tree stands into our distant wallow. In addition to the weight of the stands, we also toted climbing sticks, Hunter Safety System vests/lifeline and Realtree bow hangers. Total pack weight with all other gear was right around 45 pounds, and the hike in was a shade over a mile.  

We opted to move to the comfort of a towering aspen for this evening's sit because last night a young four-point bull came in totally silent and directly behind us. It was the only way an elk could approach the wallow and us not see him. When I heard the twig snap, I slowly swiveled my head around and saw that the youngster was less than five yards away. He didn't see us and swung around the backside of the blind before catching our wind and bounding off. Chalk it up to another amazing encounter with no arrows flung. The walk back to camp was long and quiet, and neither of us wanting to talk about the encounter. Those "Oh man, that was so close and so cool!" moments had run their course. 

We figured being 20-feet up would not only help with scent dispersal, but also prevent us from getting snuck up on. It was a lot of work, but my Mystery Ranch Metcalf backpack handled the load like a champ. The pack is very durable, and if you take the time and follow the instructions, you can mold it to fit your body type and size. 

As is par for the course, the rain is now starting to fall. Yes, I know I'm complaining, but after the way this trip has gone thus far, I think I've earned the right to piss and moan a bit. We are running low on food and time, but we will keep working hard right to the end. Hard work is usually rewarded. I will keep you all posted!


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