Spro Little John 50/MD50 Crankbaits

With the new Spro Little John 50/MD50 crankbaits you can create those loud rattling sounds that bass zero in on.

Spro Little John 50/MD50 Crankbaits

The Spro half-ounce Little John 50, designed by B.A.S.S Elite Series Angler John Crews, is a shallow-running crankbait that’s deadly when teased across the tops of shallow underwater vegetation — an excellent addition to the tackle box when targeting bass. Its tournament-proven features include a unique lip made from a computer-chip board and an internal steel ball that creates a loud hard-rattling sound bass find irresistible. And anglers can cover more water thanks to the lure’s silent weight transfer system that translates into unbelievably long casts for this small crankbait. Rigged with Gamakatsu treble hooks, the 2-inch-long Little John 50 is ready to catch fish right out of the package — tuned to run at 3 to 5 feet of water. It’s also available in the MD50 version that takes a deeper 7- to 9-foot dive. MSRP: $13.17/50mm (2 inches). Contact: www.spro.com

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