Scent Crusher Covert Closet

Using the power of ozone to eliminate odors from hunting garments, the Scent Crusher Covert Closet can be used at home or packed for roadtrips.

Scent Crusher Covert Closet

Scent Crusher’s new Covert Closet is designed to eliminate odor-causing bacteria from hunting garments and gear using the battery-operated Halo ozone generator either in the bag compartment or on the unit’s garment rack. Made from techno-lite fabric, it utilizes heavy-duty reversed zippers and a weather-resistant base to maintain a complete seal. It has an insulated exterior pocket for keeping snacks cool, an ozone-free exterior pocket, heavy-duty roller wheels with reinforced pull straps and a rigid rack support system for speedy setup. The Covert Closet can be used as a rolling bag when on the go and an enclosed closet when stationary. Its rack folds back into the bag for easy storage. MSRP: $349.99. Contact:

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