20-Minute Workout For Overscheduled Bowhunters

Things come up. Life gets in the way. Even for bowhunters. If you can't squeeze in your scheduled workout, do this one. It's a compact 20-minutes of burn.
20-Minute Workout For Overscheduled Bowhunters

Today is a big one. You’ve whittled out the time and have planned a solid 5K run followed by an hour-long lifting session. You’re feeling stronger and more confident and you know that pushing yourself is natural, just a part of the get-in-shape process. You can almost feel the weight of a pack loaded down with elk meat on your back. But then you get the call.

That call that comes right when you’re about to put your feet on the pavement and get after it. It’s the call about work. Maybe something happened and your boss needs you back within the hour. The call could just as easily be sick kids at school, a dental appointment that got moved or any one of life’s annoying little plan-wreckers. It’s OK. Do not throw in the towel!

Carve Out 20

Set the timer on your cellphone for 20 minutes and hammer out this workout, designed to get your heart rate up and build lean muscle.

10 Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Do these as fast as possible, and feel free to engage your hips, legs and core to help you pound them out. Just make sure your chin goes just above the bar if possible.

10 Wall Ball Squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart holding a weighted medicine ball at your chest. Be sure your back is straight and your shoulders are back. Move three feet back from the wall and descend into a squat position. Proper squat position requires the upper legs to be at or just below parallel to the floor. Now drive upward, throwing the medicine ball as high as you possibly can against the wall. Catch the ball as it falls and return to your squatted positon.

10 Burpees


Bowhunting World editor Jace Bauserman carving out 20 with wide grip pull-ups.

Start in a squat position and kick your legs back, being sure not to let your back or butt sink toward the floor. Do a chest-to-floor pushup, bring your knees to your chest into a frog-jump position and jump vertically into the air, reaching your arms to the sky.

10 CrossFit Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Pick a kettle bell of appropriate weight and place your feet beyond shoulder-width apart. You want a wide stance with the bell in a clean line with the balls of your feet. Drop the hips, keeping the arms and back straight, grab the bell with both hands and return to a standing position. With the bell hanging just below the waist, do a shrug and then a pull leading with the elbows. The bell should now be below the chin with your elbows pointed horizontally to the left and right.

10 Wall Ball Sit-Ups

Keeping your feet flat on the floor with your toes against a wall, get into standard sit-up position. With the medicine ball at your chest, raise up and put your elbows at your knees. Now rock back just as you’d do with a standard sit-up, bringing the ball up, reaching it back over your head and touching it on the floor behind your head. Now raise up, keeping the core tight, and do a sit-up. At the top of the sit-up, throw the ball against the wall and catch it. Then repeat the process.

See how many times you can complete this five-step revolution in 20 minutes. If you keep up the intensity you will be surrounded by a pool of sweat and your heart will be ready to jump out of your chest.

Record your time. Then the next time life throws a kink in your workout regimen, repeat this workout and see if you can best your previous time.

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