Roosevelt Quote Inspires New Rapala Youth Fishing Commercial

Theodore Roosevelt’s words continue to inspire young outdoorsmen and women a century after his death.

Roosevelt Quote Inspires New Rapala Youth Fishing Commercial

For several weeks I’ve seen a new-for-2019 Rapala commercial while watching outdoor programming on TV and online. I love the 1-minute “Get Action” ad and planned to write about it here, and as I did research on the topic, I learned the only words spoken in the commercial were from Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States (1901-1909).

Hit the play button on the Rapala commercial below, crank up the volume and listen closely for these words: “Get action,” advised Roosevelt. “Don’t fritter away your time. Create. Act. Take a place wherever you are and be somebody. Get action.”

Perhaps it’s a coincidence that Rapala chose to highlight Roosevelt’s words a century after his death (Jan. 6, 1919), but I think it’s a fitting tribute to the man who did so much for this country. In terms of conservation, Roosevelt was instrumental in creating the U.S. Forest Service, establishing five national parks, protecting 125 million acres of land as national forests, and founding the Boone and Crockett Club. In other words, he was a man of action. 

Kudos to Rapala for remembering Roosevelt and saluting youth anglers in this new national “Get Action” TV spot.

“We are witnessing an exciting explosion in youth enjoyment of fishing,” said Rapala Marketing Director Matt Jensen. “High school and college fishing teams are growing faster than we’ve ever seen. Youth anglers are independent, social, smart and filled with creativity. At Rapala, we say embrace them, talk to them, educate them, support them, fish with them and, most importantly, have fun with them!”

Rapala understands and appreciates the youth movement underway in angling. And it does more than talk about this movement; it financially supports youth angling. Rapala sponsors a number of youth fishing initiatives with key media partners including FLW and FLW Varsity Bass, Student Angling Federation, Student Angling Trail and B.A.S.S.

If you’re a diehard angler who started fishing in your early teens, or before, then this Rapala commercial will appeal to you. I’ve ridden my bike to a local fishing hole — and still do at age 53. I’ve hiked through cattail swamps to reach shallow-water bass and panfish. Rain? Sleet? Snow? None of it matters if there’s a chance of catching fish. Sleeping in? No way I’m letting someone else beat me to the prime dock or shoreline spot.

Escape for a minute and remember your passion for fishing in this well-done commercial.


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