Video: Longbow Build You Have to See to Believe

Sometimes we editors discover hidden gems on the web. In this case, it’s a crazy-cool movie about building a longbow.
Video: Longbow Build You Have to See to Believe

longbowWe know . . . the web is filled with junk content that wastes your time. But every once in a while we run across something we simply must share, and this is one of those times.

In the film below, you’ll watch as a skilled bowyer, Maris Zvers (right), builds a traditional English longbow from start to finish. And by “start” we mean splitting the log, waiting for the wood to dry (3 years!), then transforming it into a longbow.

Throughout the build, Maris uses various hand tools. As you’ll see, it’s a slow process. He even builds the bow string. Amazing.

Viewing tip: This finely produced film is 15 minutes long, so plan accordingly. Once you begin watching it, you won’t want to stop. With 960,000-plus views on YouTube, the movie has captured the attention of people who will never bowhunt with a compound or stickbow. Click here for more films that highlight the impressive craftsmanship from Northmen.

Watch and enjoy.



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