FIELD TEST: Victory Vap V3 Gamer TKO 350

If you don’t pay attention to your arrow selection, you’re crippling your bow’s performance. Bauserman tests the Victory Vap V3 Gamer TKO 350.

FIELD TEST: Victory Vap V3 Gamer TKO 350

Testing Information

Bow: Elite Archery Impulse 31
Draw Length: 29 inches
Draw Weight: 65 pounds
Rest: QAD UltraRest HDX
Sight: Black Gold 3-Pin Moveable
Arrows Tested: Victory Vap V3 Gamer TKO 350
Arrow Length: All arrows were cut and constructed to a finished length of 28.75 inches (not including field tip or broadhead).
Arrow Fletch: Two-inch Bohning Blazer Vane with 6-inch Bohning wrap
Arrow Fletch Orientation: 3-degree right helical
Arrow Head Selection: All arrows were fitted with 100-grain 5⁄16-inch tread Saunders Combo Points, 100-grain Rage Hypodermics or 100-grain Wac ‘Em 4-Blades.


Contact Information: (866) 934-6565;

Finished Arrow Weight: 408.1 grains

Three Arrow Average Speed: 288 fps

Kinetic Energy: 75.18 foot-pounds

Making plenty of noise in the arrow arena, especially in the past half-decade, Victory continues to raise the bar. Featuring Victory’s MaxxKe Technology, the TKO features an outer layer of carbon fiber that is oriented to +/- 45-degree direction to reduce the twisting force imparted on the arrow during the launch cycle. This reduction in torsional deflection, according to Victory, greatly increases the accuracy and kinetic energy of these scientifically designed shafts.

Test 1: Accuracy

Wind: 4 to 6 mph

These arrows are tack drivers. I busted a few nocks and peeled off a few fletchings, and I managed to keep all but one of my three-arrow groups inside the 10-ring. The one errant arrow was a low eight, and it was entirely my fault. On my third arrow at 50 yards I dropped my arm at the shot and the result was a low hit.

Like the two previous arrows, the TKO dropped Rage-tipped arrows in the 10-ring time and time again. In fact, eight of the 12 expandable arrows fired landed in the 12-ring.

I was impressed with the shaft’s fixed-blade accuracy overall. On average, the fixed-blade tipped shafts impacted 1.3 inches to the right. As with the FMJs, I repeated this test a few days later with the Impulse 31 set at 70 pounds, and the results were basically the same. The shafts were an average of 1.1 inches right. Of the 12 expandable arrows shot out to 70 yards, only four fell outside the Block hexagon.

Test 2: Noise

Not church-mouse quiet but darn close, these shafts produced a low, detectable hum when passing by my high-definition microphone. Nothing that will have a cagey whitetail ducking, though.

Test 3:


These low-torque shafts were by far the deepest penetrating in the Block target. Shot into three fresh Block spots from a distance of 30 yards, the Victory VAP V3 Gamer TKO 350 penetrated an average of 16.875 inches.


Though I haven’t had an opportunity to take these new shafts from Victory into the field yet, I will be very soon. Their micro-diameter boosts penetration, as does the Shock Broadhead Adapter. These shafts impressed from start to finish.


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