Hunt warmer, hunt successfully with the Pnuma IconX Heated Core Vest

Cold temperatures don’t just make you uncomfortable — they can actually make you a less effective hunter as well. Beat the cold and stay on the top of your game by keeping your core warm.
Hunt warmer, hunt successfully with the Pnuma IconX Heated Core Vest

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It’s a sad irony that cold temperatures get big-game animals moving but end up slowing hunters down. Human beings simply aren’t designed to thrive in very low temperatures. Oh, you can survive exposure to the cold. Your body is designed to prioritize survival. But in order to maintain your core temperature, your

Want to stay on the top of your game? The best way to stay warm in cold temperatures is to keep your core warm. Pnuma has a revolutionary way to do just that.

IconX Heated Core Vest

The IconX Heated Core Vest is a base layer top that delivers unparalleled warmth right where you need it — next to the skin and at your core. This battery-operated garment features carbon-fiber heating elements that stretch across your midsection in the front, your kidneys in the back and the base of your neck. But warmth isn’t limited to just those spots — the heat is actually distributed throughout the garment. You’re surrounded by warmth, so your core stays warm and your performance stays at its peak.

The vest features three heat levels for customized comfort. When you turn the vest on, it automatically goes to the highest heat setting, then, once it reaches the high temperature, it drops down to the medium setting to conserve battery life. However, you can set the vest to whatever heat setting you like via the easy-access, waterproof LED heat-level selection button.

At its low setting, the vest generates 100 degrees of heat, and the rechargeable 7.4V lithium-ion battery will last approximately six hours, depending on your use and heat settings.

Best of all, the IconX Heated Vest accomplishes all of this without added bulk, which has been most people’s go-to solution for cold weather. Bulk is fine if you’re just taking a stroll through the woods. But you’re not hiking, you’re hunting, and that means that bulk, with its restrictions on movement and potential to impact shooting form, is the enemy. That’s why the IconX was designed to deliver complete freedom of movement. There’s also no bulk and hardly any added weight — just effective warmth.

Now, a garment like this could be something of a gimmick if the actual garment isn’t designed properly. But because this is Pnuma, you know the IconX was developed by hunters who know what you want in your hunting apparel. In fact, even if you don’t need to turn on the heat, the IconX still makes for a quality base layer. It features an athletic fit for easy layering, and HydroWick high-performance hollow wicking fabric keeps you ultra-comfortable. In addition, the IconX is infused with SilverStrike anti-microbial odor control, to keep you as stealthy as you are warm. Just add your IconX top or your Merino wool pullover, and you’re set to go, no matter what temperatures your day holds.

So if you’re planning on spending some time in a cold November treestand, make sure you focus on your core. It won’t just make you more comfortable — it might be the difference between a missed opportunity and a hunting success story.

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