Elite calls the Ritual its best bow to date

The new Elite Ritual was developed with the help of customer feedback and Elite's exacting standards.

Elite calls the Ritual its best bow to date

Is it possible to build a bow and not fit it with a single rubberized dampener? Elite thinks so. Enter the all-new 2018 Elite Ritual. This 33.25-inch bow was built by Elite to be efficient and maximize energy. In fact, according to Elite, the bow boasts an 88 percent efficiency rating. I don’t know the formula the manufacturer used to come up with that number, but I will say that the bow is, at 335 fps, respectably fast and mostly dead in the hand at the shot. As far as noise, I was triggering the bow on the ATA Show floor, but I wouldn’t hesitate to describe this rig as church-mouse quiet.

Vice President of New Product Development at The Outdoor Group Josh Sidebottom said, “This is the best bow I’ve ever tested. I honestly didn’t believe that a bow could get to be this efficient. With this bow, you’re getting better performance for what you’re putting in. We’ve been able to make the draw even smoother, while still getting excellent speeds from it.”

According to Greg Steil, CEO for The Outdoor Group, customer feedback played a huge role in the development of Elite’s 2018 masterpiece. “The engineering team was challenged to design and deliver a bow that outperformed some of the best bows Elite has ever developed,” he said. “We challenged them to take the feel of an Energy or Synergy series bow and combine that with high efficiency, speed and affordability. The team stepped up to the challenge and over-delivered with the Ritual. I couldn’t be prouder of the team for what they’ve accomplished in this bow.”

The grip on the Ritual, which offers a 6.75-inch brace height, is similar to the grip found on last year’s Option series, the biggest difference being some changes to the shelf area. Elite did this in an effort to promote a more comfortable, natural hand placement. I call it a win.

At 4.3 pounds, the bow’s weight is comparable to most current industry flagships, and draw weights range between 26.5 and 31 inches in half-inch increments. Peak draw weights are 50, 60 and 70 pounds. (You can get a 65-pound rig, but you’ll need to go through Elite’s Build Your Own program.) The riser features a Dual Cage design, which promotes stability, and the Elite Two Track Cam system has been clean-sheeted to perfectly sync with the Ritual’s specific geometry. The bow is offered in a number of color options and retails for $999.

Elite will be providing Bowhunting World with a test bow in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out in the magazine and online for a full report on Elite’s latest flagship.



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