You may not realize it, but 24-hour live television shopping networks are big business, with major players raking in billions in sales and providing a make-or-break shot for many up-and-coming manufacturers.

And with big networks like QVC and Home Shopping Network featuring everything from diamond earrings to toaster ovens, at least one company sees an opportunity with America’s millions of firearms owners and outdoor sportsmen.

Newark, Delaware-based Social Responsibility Network LLC plans to launch what they hope will be a 24-hour firearms and shooting gear television network that will allow gun buyers to purchase their irons from the comfort of their own home.

Think of it as the QVC for Glocks.

The network, dubbed “GunTV,” is reportedly set to launch in January and will feature “world class television shopping content, broad selection of firearms and related consumer goods, original programming, gun safety, personal security and self defense education.”

“The GunTV shopping network will bring to life a vast array of firearms and related consumer goods in a ground breaking format that inextricably fuses the social responsibility message with the traditional shopping channel format to create an unprecedented direct response television experience,” the company says. “Dynamic hosts and visually stunning sets bring to life segments as diversified as women’s concealed weapons apparel and generational grandfather, father and son big game hunting to name a few.”

GunTV has teamed up with outdoor products and firearms distributor Sports South as its exclusive distributor of firearms sold on the show. Sports South will funnel guns bought by viewers through its network of Federal Firearms Licensed dealers for background checks and transfers, the company said.

A company spokesman said the GunTV network plans to have celebrity shooters, such as former Top Shot contestants, and military veterans as hosts to sell guns and shooting equipment over the air.