Almost 60 percent of Americans do not approve of President Obama’s gun control

A new national media poll shows most Americans believe today’s gun laws are fine as is, with many feeling the feds are too tough on gun buyers.

The CNN/ORC poll conducted in early September shows 49 percent of those surveyed believe today’s gun laws are “about right” when it comes to the difficulty of purchasing a firearm, while only 10 percent believe gun laws make it too hard to buy a gun. Most of those who said it was too easy were Democrats, with Republicans feeling today’s laws were about right or too strict.

The CNN poll results track with previous polls that show tepid support for new gun laws and so-called “expanded background checks,” and increased skepticism that tougher laws will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. Anti-gun groups have recently launched a national campaign to increase background checks on private sales claiming a new mandate for change after the on-air murder of two reporters in Virginia.

But the new CNN poll — conducted the same week as the so-called “#whateverittakes” rallies sponsored by the Michael Bloomberg supported Everytown For Gun Safety group — shows a majority of Americans think “expanded background checks” on private sales would do little to stop crime. The poll results show 56 percent of those surveyed believe checks on private sales would be “not likely at all” or “somewhat likely” to keep firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill, with most of those voicing skepticism being Republican or Independent.

Nearly 60 percent of those polled are skeptical that newly expanded background checks would stop criminals from getting guns, with 57 percent of Independents thinking it would be unlikely or somewhat likely to keep guns away from criminals, and 68 percent of Republicans voicing skepticism.

Most Americans feel that changing the law to include background checks for private sales wouldn’t make it that much more difficult to for law-abiding citizens to buy guns, with large majorities of both Democrat and Independents feeling new laws wouldn’t mean much for gun buyers.

Despite pronouncements from anti-gun groups that most Americans want more gun control, the CNN poll shows 59 disapprove of President Obama’s gun control push, with 66 percent of Democrats approving of the president’s policies and 91 percent of Republicans saying his policies are off base.