Rinehart Targets Big Chill Sweepstakes: Win a 7-Foot Snowman!

Feeling lucky? Then enter the Rinehart Big Chill Sweepstakes; first prize is a one-of-a-kind 7-foot Abominable Snowman Target!
Rinehart Targets Big Chill Sweepstakes: Win a 7-Foot Snowman!

Rinehart TargetsAdmit it: As a kid — and maybe still as an adult — you loved watching “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at Christmas. So many great characters and a wonderful feel-good story. And who could forget the stud Yukon Cornelius when he tackled the scary (but then toothless) Abominable Snow Monster of the North?

I mention my love of this classic movie because even though I’ve never been able to pronounce “abominable,” I can’t imagine owning a more kick-butt target than the 7-foot-tall Abominable Snowman Target now offered as first place in the Rinehart Targets Big Chill Sweepstakes.

Rinehart TargetsHere’s the scoop: Rinehart Targets is keeping the cool vibes flowing during the hot summer months by giving away the Abominable Snowman 7-footer. This is the ONLY ONE MADE. Period.

Second-place prize in the Big Chill Sweeps is a 28-inch-tall Small Polar Bear Target, and third place wins a Rinehart 18-1 Target. To enter, simply complete the quick entry form found by clicking here, then make sure you’re following Rinehart Targets on Facebook and/or Instagram (@rinehart_targets).

Fine print: Limit of one entry per person, and winners will be announced on Facebook and Instagram on Aug. 15, 2018.

P.S. I’ve used and abused a Rinehart 18-1 Target for many years, and it’s fantastic. The compact (15x15x15 inches) target is tossed in the bed of my pickup every time I leave home in Minnesota to travel on weekend bowhunts to South Dakota or Wisconsin. Even if you don’t win one in the Big Chill Sweepstakes, I highly recommend you purchase an 18-1 prior to archery season. To see the 18-1 in action, check out the video below with my good friend Luke Hartle as he shows off several of the target's killer features.

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