Editors’ Picks: Top 10 Bowhunting World Stories of 2019

Do you have a favorite archery article from the past year? Here’s our list of editors’ picks for top 10 Bowhunting World stories of 2019.

Editors’ Picks: Top 10 Bowhunting World Stories of 2019

As this year comes to a close, it’s fun to take a look back at some of the top Bowhunting World stories of 2019. Some of these are articles you clicked on, liked and shared the most during the past 12 months. Others in the list are simply those deemed best by our editorial team. Did your favorite make the cut?

10. New Archery World Record Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Following a special panel judging session, the Pope and Young Club recently announced a new archery World Record Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.


9. 8-Year Obsession for the Black Bear Grand Slam

A quest for the black bear Grand Slams turns into an 8-year obsession as a dedicated bowhunter attempts to tag all four of the major color phases. The link above is part 1 of the story. Click here to read the conclusion, “Quest for a Blonde.”


8. Randy Ulmer Tags 5,000 Inches of Mule Deer With Easton Arrows

Factoring in his latest 200-class mule deer buck, Randy Ulmer’s career total for muley antlers now surpasses the 5,000-inch mark.


7. Bowhunting a Monster Black Bear (in Oklahoma!)

The author uses a new tactic to arrow a 550-pound black bear in the Sooner State.


6. New Archery World Record Non-Typical Whitetail

The Pope and Young Club recently announced a new world record non-typical whitetail that scores 327 7/8 inches.


5. Video: What’s Best for Bowhunters? Deer Head Up or Down?

To minimize the chance of a poor hit, bowhunters can learn from this informative video that details a deer’s reaction to the sound of a shot.


4. Video: Is James Jean the Best Archery Trick Shot Artist of All Time?

Highly skilled archers have been showcasing their amazing abilities for centuries, but James Jean might be the best of them all.


3. Remembering Legendary Bowhunter Dwight Schuh; 1945-2019

Hall of Fame bowhunter Dwight Schuh dies after an 8-year battle with cancer.


2. Video: 13-Year-Old Girl Arrows Her First Buck During October Blizzard

Three sisters, ages 4-13, join their dad during an October blizzard, and the oldest daughter has a close-range archery encounter with a 5x5 South Dakota whitetail on the edge of a standing cornfield.


1. Is Trophy Hunting Hurting Our Sport? One Veteran Says, ‘Yes!’

In a world driven by social media and massive digital platforms, one well-known outdoor personality believes the ship is going in the wrong direction.


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