Bow Report: PSE X-Force Dream Season

Norb Mullaney puts the PSE X-Force Dream Season through an in-depth test to find out more about this hunting bow.
Bow Report: PSE X-Force Dream Season

PSE X-Force Dream Season

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PSE X Force Dream Season Bow ReportThe “X” bows were introduced by PSE in 2006 with 9-inch split limbs, a new modular X cam, some innovative and perhaps complex adjustable features, plus new and strategically located dampening devices scattered about the bow. The first of the breed was called the “Mach X.” In 2007 the “X” line was expanded to three bows and the NRG-X cam was offered as an option. For 2008, if my count is correct, the herd has proliferated to 12 bows that use the X-Force technology and carry the “X” or “X-Force” designation as part of their names.

The X-Force Dream Season, with its 7-inch brace height, is a hunter-friendly, forgiving bow conceived, designed, and manufactured to complement PSE’s association with the Drury brothers’ television program. It has a nominal 33-inch axle-to-axle length that I measured between 32 3/8 and 32 1/2 inches, depending on the set draw force. Probably the first thing that someone would notice about this X-Force bow is the unusual amount of preload that has been cranked into the limbs. Measured roughly, it is in the neighborhood of 5 inches.

The handle for the Dream Season is fully machined of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. It has an overall length of 24 1/2 inches and a usable sight window length of 8 1/2 inches. The sight window is cut 9/16 inch past centerline and an additional offset at the arrow pass of 1/4 inch provides for 13/16-inch fletching clearance at that point. The shelf has a smoothly rounded cross-section with an integral upswept guard section at its extremity. Overall it has a very pleasing shape—almost appearing as though it were scooped out. There are machined grooves on the shelf and the side surface of the arrow pass to indicate the centerline of the bow and the ideal elevation of the arrow above the shelf. These indicators aid greatly as starting points in setting up the Dream Season the first time. One of the features that I particularly like is the multi-position sight mounting accommodation that PSE includes on the offside of the upper riser. There are five drilled and tapped (10-24 UNF) holes spaced so that they offer three positions in which to mount a sight or other accessory. *Read the rest of the report by downloading the PDF


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