How To Properly Prep Turkey Calls

Mark Olis shows how to properly prep your friction turkey calls. It only takes a few minutes, but will have you ready to answer that boss gobbler the next time he thunders from the limb.

How To Properly Prep Turkey Calls

Most turkey hunters learn how to call turkeys with a friction call. This includes box calls, slate or pot-and-peg calls and push-button calls. All of these calls create yelps, putts and purrs by rubbing one object against another. On a box call and a push-button call it’s two sections of wood rubbing together to make turkey sounds. On a pot-and-peg call the end of the striker is drawn across slate, glass, aluminum or a similar material. Regardless of the friction call used, you have to properly prep these calls to make them sing those sweet nothings to a lonely gobbler. In this video, Mark Olis will prep several brand new Knight & Hale (K&H) calls. Watch as he shows you how to prep K&H’s revolutionary new Switchblade Box Call and the new Dual Threat Glass and Slate call.

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