SEVR Announces New Titanium 1.5 Broadhead

SEVR Broadheads has just announced the release of the new Titanium 1.5 rear-deploy broadhead with a more swept-back cutting angle designed for additional penetration.

SEVR Announces New Titanium 1.5 Broadhead

Following the introduction of the SEVR Titanium 2.1 broadhead last year, SEVR is now offering the Titanium 1.5 broadhead available in 100 and 125 grains. The Titanium 1.5 has a 1.5-inch cutting diameter with a swept-back blade profile for when deeper penetration is the primary goal. Constructed with a one-piece titanium ferrule and precision-ground tip, the Titanium 1.5 utilizes 420 Grade .032-inch thickness stainless-steel replaceable blades.

The Titanium 1.5 broadhead utilizes the same Lock-and-Pivot technology as the Titanium 2.1 that locks the two rear-deploy blades together to pivot as needed around bone (top photo, center), allowing the arrow to maintain a straight path through the animal. The Stretch Cut blade effect stretches the hide while cutting for a larger-than-blade wound diameter, resulting in bigger blood trails and easier recovery.

Because the blades are contained within the ferrule, the SEVR Titanium 1.5 flies just like a field point. However, as most archers know, you should still practice with your broadheads to confirm the point of impact is the same. The Practice Lock feature of SEVR broadheads allows the shooter to lock the blades within the ferrule so they can be shot into targets without dulling the blades.

Compatible with crossbows, the Titanium 1.5 is available with standard 8-32 threads in both 100 and 125 grains, or with Deep Six thread in 100 grains.

SEVR Titanium 1.5 broadheads are sold individually for $13.99 each in any quantity desired, available only through

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