Barnett HyperFlite Small-Diameter Crossbow Arrow

Designed for use with the Barnett Hyper series crossbows, HyperFlite small-diameter crossbow arrows offer deeper penetration and are less affected by wind.

Barnett HyperFlite Small-Diameter Crossbow Arrow

HyperFlite small-diameter arrows from Barnett are designed specifically for use with their new Hyper series crossbows, the HyperGhost 405 and HyperGhost 425. The HyperFlite arrows have a .204-inch diameter and straightness of .001 inches. The small-diameter HyperFlite arrows are less affected by wind and penetrate big game animals better due to reduced friction through the wound channel.

HyperFlite arrows are 22 inches long and come fletched with 2-inch Blazer vanes. Available in packs of three for $54.99, HyperFlite arrows are compatible with standard field points and broadheads. 

Editor’s note: HyperFlite arrows do not currently appear on the Barnett website, but keep checking back at for more information.


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