Great Gear: Wildlife Research Center Coyote Urine

Long-lasting scent masks human odor, lures coyotes.

Great Gear: Wildlife Research Center Coyote Urine

Wildlife Research Center Coyote Urine.

Coyotes live and die by their nose. They use it to procure protein and to avoid danger. They also use it to keep track of what other coyotes are up to, and predator hunters can take advantage of this predictable behavior. Wildlife Research Center’s Coyote Urine plays on a coyote’s competitive/territorial nature and using it along with calling will help elicit a response that will bring coyotes into shooting range. Its strong natural odor reaches out and sends a calling card that there is an intruder in the area and works as a masking scent to hide human odor. Retail: $9.99/4 fluid ounces. Contact:


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