Smart and Simple: The Protector Phone Tether 3.0

The Protector Phone Tether 3.0 from Rogue Fishing Co. isn’t a hunting product per se, but I’m excited to give it a try during this year’s turkey and deer seasons.

Smart and Simple: The Protector Phone Tether 3.0

I don’t pretend to understand the Facebook algorithms that dictate which products suddenly appear in my timeline, but this one recently caught my eye. The Protector Phone Tether 3.0 is manufactured by Rogue Fishing Co., so it was initially designed for fishermen, not hunters, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work just as well in the woods as it does on the water.

As a Minnesota resident who loves fishing year-round and hunting during spring and fall, I saw several Facebook posts this winter from fellow ice anglers who dropped their phone into the hole. Gone forever — not good! I’ve almost done it myself.

I’ve also come close to dropping my phone from a treestand while texting with friends, checking a weather app, etc. A combination of cold hands and gloves makes it a challenge to handle a phone securely during deer season. And that’s why the sponsored FB post from Rogue Fishing Co. showcasing The Protector Phone Tether 3.0 caught my eye.

I’ve never tried this gear item but will soon. I’ll stretch the tether over my iPhone during spring turkey season, then use it during summer when fishing, and during fall and winter while bowhunting. In my opinion, the design is smart and simple.

According to the Rogue Fishing Co. website, the tether is made from durable silicone, and fits most phone/case models (up to 7 inches long). It protects your phone by connecting one side to your phone case and the other to your jacket or other clothing.

The Protector Phone Tether 3.0 is available in six colors, but most hunters will be interested in either green or black. Thankfully, the company was wise enough to use a black PVD-coated ring, which won’t glare in the sun to alert nearby whitetails or turkeys; the coating also provides increased resistance to saltwater corrosion and oxidation. 

The video below shows how the tether works for anglers, but it’s easy to see how it will be equally handy for hunters. MSRP is $19.99, which in my opinion is a fair price for peace of mind when sitting in a treestand —  or kayaking a river.


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