From the Readers: What’s Your Favorite Under-.270-Caliber Hunting Cartridge?

We asked, and you answered. Here are some of your favorite hunting cartridges under .270 caliber.
From the Readers: What’s Your Favorite Under-.270-Caliber Hunting Cartridge?

Bob Robb ends most of his articles in the same way: "Drop me a note at," and when it came to his recent #Top10Tuesday post on the top hunting cartridges under .270 caliber, you (the readers) really came through. We received a lot of awesome responses and feedback. Here are some from that bunch:

From the Readers: Top 10 Under-.270-Caliber Hunting Cartridges

James Mckinney: What do you think about the .243 wssm?

BR: Mr. McKinney, thanks for writing and asking ... I've had several folks ask about both the .240 Wby. Mag. and .243 WSSM. In my view both are great choices for those who want to shoot little bullets really fast. My own personal preference -- and it's just me, nothing based on science or anything like that -- is that when I want to shoot a small bullet really fast at something besides a varmint or smaller predator I want a bit bigger bullet, once reason I really like the .257 Wby. Mag. But if you have a pet .243 WSSM and know how to use it, there's no doubt you are a deer-killing sonofagun!

Thanks again for the note! Be safe, and good hunting always!

Steve B.: 6.5x55 Swedish

Michael Peters: Bob, I have had great success shooting wild hogs in Texas with my 25 WSSM. Very accurate — 3 hogs with 3 head shots. Love this round in a Winchester Model 70. — Mike

Derrick Wilson: Bob, I have four rifles chambered in the Top Ten Under .270 Caliber. I have been an .243 fan for years. .223's and 22-250 are my go-to's for yotes. A couple of my new SAAMI favorites are the 6mm Creedmoor in a bolt action and an AR-15 in 6.5mm Grendel. Both are sub 3/8th MOA. I would like to see what others like. Great article. Thank you! — Derrick

Scott Swanson: This is a poor question. I love the 22-250 but if we are talking for deer I have to go with .240 Wby.

Kevin McNair: Nice article. After 15 years, I've just drawn a coveted desert Bighorn sheep tag in Nevada and am stoked to say the least! How do you feel about my using a 6.5 Creedmoor on that hunt? Thanks!

BR: MAN! Trying not to be a hater ... 😊  ... CONGRATULATIONS ON THE TAG!!! I have 17 points in 6 states and am still trying to draw one of those ... but I digress. Nothing wrong with the Creedmoor for a big ram, you may need to reach out there a bit and you already obviously know how accurate these things can be. When I draw I'll probably use my pet .300 Win. Mag., not because it's more powerful than your 6.5, but because I shoot it well and know what I can do it with out there a ways.

Can I ask you to please send me a pic and brief account of your hunt once you're done? I'd love to hear about it for sure!

Be safe, and good hunting always!

McNair: I thought I'd never draw man. Hang in there!

I have a lot of caliber to use but thought my Creedmoor would be interesting. Wanted your take. Thanks.

I will send pics for sure.

Do you have any hunting stories you'd like to share? Drop Bob a line at We'd love to hear from you!


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