Moultrie has long been a name in the world of trail cams, but it now offers an all-new mobile camera with modem.


According to most serious whitetailers, game cameras are the single most important tool in their arsenal, and Moultrie has been providing reliable, durable and affordable game cameras from the beginning.

The first Moultrie cameras, like those from other game camera manufacturers, were film. You loaded a 24- or 36-shot film roll into your favorite Moultrie, strapped it up in the woods, let it sit for a few weeks, returned to retrieve the spent roll and then took the roll to be processed. My, how times have changed. Moultrie was a pioneer when things went digital, producing models that met with success early on. Today, the manufacturer continues down the digital road with top-tier digital wonders like the M-888i Mini Game Camera and M-999i Mini Game Camera. But as of late a new wind has been swirling at Moultrie, and it’s a wind a lot of game camera lovers have been waiting for.

The all-new Moultrie Mobile, according to VP of Pradco Hunting Division Bart Stephens, will allow hunters and game mangers to control their trail cameras and also view, analyze and share their photos over the internet.

“The Moultrie Field Modem will be priced at $200,” Stephens said. “The most exciting thing about the Field Modem is that it is compatible with a wide variety of Moultrie trail camera models, including many models sold in 2015. A lot goes into these systems. It is more than a standalone camera. It is a combination of systems working together: the trail camera, the modem, the cloud-based system that stores images and the user interface which allows the user to manage their photos and cameras.

“The Field Modem is the same size as a trail camera and straps to the tree next to your camera with a steel-braided heavy-duty USB cable. Eight AA batteries will power the modem for a full sea- son, and the modem is compatible with many of Moultrie’s camera accessories, including our solar panels, battery box and mounting accessories.

“The set-up process will be simple and fast. Each modem will have a Moultrie Mobile data plan. Plans start at $9.99 per month, and we anticipate the vast majority of users will be satisfied with plans in the $9.99 to $19.99 price range.”

According to Stephens, Moultrie became the best-selling brand of trail cameras by listening to game management professionals and relentlessly improving their products, and that’s something this stalwart manufacturer has no plans of changing.

“We have been working on this system for three years,” Ste- phens added. “Our goal is to completely delight our customers when they start using our new system. We already have a long list of enhancements that we are working on. Remote systems are clearly the future of trail cameras. The technology will advance, the coverage will get better and the prices will come down. Moultrie plans to lead this charge.”

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