Company Profile: Vapor Trail

Reliable rests and custom strings you and your customers can count on.
Company Profile: Vapor Trail

Every company has a story, and Vapor Trail is no different. Notorious for being an extreme perfectionist, Jarrod Fondie, president of Vapor Trail Archery, simply wanted a better string for his bow. Tired and frustrated, Fondie went to the drawing board.

“There was a time when I was a serious competition shooter,” Fondie explained. “I was just very unsatisfied with the strings I was using. Honestly, I couldn’t get halfway through a tournament without my peep rotating or my strings creeping up so bad my bow would go out of tune. Back then, there was no such thing as custom strings.”

In 1993, Vapor Trail was launched. A part-time company, Fondie and his crew were on a mission to remedy the “poor string blues.” And they did just that. Growing steadily, Vapor Trail soon caught the eye of industry powerhouse BowTech, and that’s when part-time turned to full-time.

“We started doing a lot of work with BowTech,” recalled Fondie. “In fact, that account almost tripled the size of our manufacturing. At that point, things just started to snowball. More and more dealers started to recognize us, and the demand for high-quality custom strings available in an array of colors was increasing. Currently, we have over 300 two-color combinations, and our pre-stressed, zero-creep-in-as-few-as-three shots VTX strings make a great addition to any bow.

“The string business was great, but we wanted to do more—we knew we could do more. It took us eight years of research, design, and rigorous testing, but we finally launched the Limb Driver Arrow Rest. Like everything we put on the market, we wanted the Limb Driver to be flawless and meet customer demand. It really surpassed our expectations.”

Today, Vapor Trail is at the top of its game. Aside from the original Limb Driver and countless string and cable options, Vapor Trail’s Limb Driver Pro-V has proven to be a limb-driven marvel. Available in black and Lost Camo, the Pro-V is a full-containment arrow rest that sports a free floating, rotating arm that lifts and centers the arrow. This prevents the shaft from bouncing during the shot-cycle, thus boosting accuracy and kinetic energy.

Not a company known to rest on its laurels, Vapor Trail continues to press forward, constantly looking to improve existing products and excite the archery industry with new ones.

“The Pro-V has been such a reliable, incredible rest,” said Steve Fondie, vice president of Vapor Trail, “but we wanted to make a few modifications. For 2013, we have strengthened the launcher arm and made it quieter in the area where the arm hits the stopper-pad. Another first is that we will be offering the original Limb Driver in Lost Camo. We are also very excited about the newest addition to our rest family—the Limb Driver Micro-Elite.”

A high-quality rest capable of operating off the top or bottom limb, the Limb Driver Micro-Elite is loaded with purposeful features. Most notable are the micro-windage and elevation adjustments that are fast, efficient, and sure to boost accuracy.

Striving to meet customer demand and expectation—that’s the mission at Vapor Trail according to Jarrod Fondie. “We spend a lot of time asking our consumers what they want. Our goal is to take customer wants and advice and put them into practice. That’s why we are fine-tuning the Pro-V. That’s why we launched the Micro-Elite. And that’s why the future looks very bright.”

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