Company Profile: Spot-Hogg Archery Products

New scope, broadhead sharpener highlight 2013 innovation
Company Profile: Spot-Hogg Archery Products

Started by a father who was tired of watching his children routinely break their bow accessories, Spot-Hogg Archery Products is a veteran company rich in knowledge.

“We didn’t have a lot of money,” chuckled Spot-Hogg’s Marketing Manager Josh Johnson. “Dad was designing and making a lot of different prototype products. He was approached at a local archery shoot to help develop a relax release aid. After cranking out some different prototypes, the Cascade Release was launched and taken to the Vegas Indoor Shoot in 1989. It was there that the Cascade Release, along with an arrow rest dad had developed called the Golden Premier, caught the eye of Freddie Troncoso, owner of Golden Key-Futura. We spent 8 or 10 years developing products for Golden Key. As time passed there were some personnel changes at the company, and we began looking to expand our line and venture out on our own.

“It’s been quite a journey, but we wouldn’t trade it,” Johnson continued. “We work our absolute hardest to provide serious bowhunters and target archers with incredible equipment. We often appeal most to those who take great pride in their equipment—who demand finely tuned precision products. We want all of our products to be original and boast purposeful features. So far our philosophy has worked very well, and we are looking forward to what lies ahead.”

The last 12 months at Spot-Hogg have been full of excitement. The Edge—a no-clamp vertical and horizontal micro-adjust rest—has captured the attention of the target archery crowd. Extremely popular in the International Market, the Edge and its micro-adjustable blade angle promote the highest level of accuracy.

“Along with the Edge, we were also very excited to see how well our Whipper Snapper Release took off, Johnson noted. “These releases are flying off shelves. We continue to get great word-of-mouth advertising, and our sales are right up there with those of our Wiseguy Release. The Whipper Snapper is available in three and four-finger models and consumers really seem to appreciate the adjustable trigger barrel.”

So the big question is: What does Spot-Hogg have planned for 2013? The answer: A whole lot. Masters of precision and accuracy, Spot-Hogg wanted to give bowhunters a way to sharpen their broadheads without having to remove the broadhead from the arrow shaft.

“We really aren’t sure what we are going to name it just yet, but we are really excited about this product,” Johnson explained. Testing from our Hooter Shooter proves that a perfectly-tuned bow will deliver an arrow—with a field-point or broadhead—in the same hole every time. However, when the broadhead is changed or even rotated, the point of impact changes. This new-for-2013 product will allow bowhunters to get new and used broadheads razor sharp without ever having to remove the head from the shaft.

“Another product we expect big things from is our all-new scope, the Spark. Basically, it’s a rifle sight aiming device with a specific illuminating crosshair that will have color customization capability. The Spark will be universal with other sights, and because of its illumination capability, should be well-received by target archers and bowhunters. This scope also comes with multiple rings. The reason for this is that in a dark area you see more through your peep sight, and in a bright area, you see less. The Spark’s graduated ring system allows archers the ability to match their peep sight to the current lighting conditions. This is the type of product that will show people what they have been missing.”

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