Breaking: Quality Archery Designs Launches New Patriot Rest

In honor of the Fourth of July, $5 from each sale will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
Breaking: Quality Archery Designs Launches New Patriot Rest

A deep-rooted American company, Quality Archery Designs understands freedom doesn’t come without a price. Helping celebrate America’s 238th birthday, QAD lifts the veil on its latest arrow rest, the ULTRAREST Patriot

“We are a proud American company,” said QAD spokesman Kevin Fry. “We are huge supporters of our soldiers and troops, and we have a lot of family and friends who serve our country in the military. This is just our way of showing support.”

With Old Glory emblazoned onto the rest, the Patriot sports a racy look and showcases all the features of the popular ULTRAREST HDX.

“This is our HDX,” Fry continued, “and it features Advanced Vibration Technology, Lock-Down Technology and Velocity Drop-Away Technology.”

“As a trio these technologies prevent rest bounce-back, reduce unwanted noise and vibration, and ensure the arrow will never fall off the rest,” he added.

Renowned for producing accurate, dependable rests, QAD’s statement with their Fourth of July launch is simple.

“We really want to make people aware of the sacrifices our servicemen and women have made,” Fry said. “There needs to be awareness out there about what these incredible people do, and when bowhunters slap a Patriot on their bow, hopefully they will remember that a price was paid for our freedom.”

In honor of America’s troops, QAD will be donating $5 of every rest sold to the Wounded Warrior Project. And, of course, the rest is American made.

“This is a limited edition rest, so hopefully guys and gals will take advantage of it,” Fry noted. “When you shoot this rest you’re not only shooting what we feel to be the best rest in the industry, but you’re also supporting our troops.”

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