Video: Spearing a Monster Sturgeon Through the Ice

A Wisconsin ice angler spears a 69-inch, 69-pound sturgeon that is estimated to be 54 years old. And it’s all captured on video.

Video: Spearing a Monster Sturgeon Through the Ice

Unless you live in the North, you may not have heard of a spear house, or dark house. Either term accurately describes a small windowless shelter/shanty that’s placed on a frozen lake or river for the sole purpose of spearing.

While most spear throwers target northern pike during winter, those who desire bigger game turn their attention to lake sturgeon. These ancient beasts can grow to immense size. Fact: The largest sturgeon taken by a spearer in Wisconsin measured 84.2 inches long and weighed 212 pounds. There’s a reason the spear hole is cut so large!

As shown in the Facebook video below, Jake Huebschman was lucky enough to spear his first sturgeon on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Like everything posted by the guys from The Hunting Public, the production quality is excellent. And while I have high expectations whenever I tune into THP online, I must admit I was shocked to see Jake actually succeed in his quest to spear a sturgeon. It’s not common to see a sturgeon swim beneath your spear hole, and to capture the entire adventure — including spear toss and impact — is very rare.

Enjoy this video — and the mayhem that ensues after a monster sturgeon is on the line.

Spoiler: One of my favorite parts is the text commentary describing how these guys fail to keep their spot secret. Classic. And yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you; they actually use a deer antler as one of the decoys to lure in a curious sturgeon.


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