Running Race + Archery Test = Red Bull Archer’s Paradox

Can you shoot straight and run fast? Then register now for the Red Bull Archer’s Paradox competition.
Running Race + Archery Test = Red Bull Archer’s Paradox

The Red Bull Archer’s Paradox returns as the ultimate test of archery skills and endurance. Taking place on August 18, 2018, at Devil’s Head Resort in Merrimac, Wisconsin, participants will complete a 1-mile running race with eight archery targets spread throughout the wooded course; competitors shoot at target one of eight to begin the race.

Red Bull Archer’s Paradox

Participants (must be 18 or older) are given one chance at each target. One. They must use — and carry — their own archery equipment. Compounds, recurves and longbows are allowed; no crossbows. Field points only. Shooters can use release aids if they wish.

Each target will be different in size and distance, and competitors will not be told the distance. Rangefinders are allowed. Rinehart Targets is the exclusive target provider for the course, and participants will take aim at a wide variety of Rineharts throughout the competition. It should be interesting!

If a competitor misses a target, he or she (men and women compete as equals) will have a 200-yard penalty lap that must be completed at the end of the course. Miss two targets, run two laps. Miss three targets, run three laps. You get the idea.

Red Bull Archer’s Paradox Structure and Schedule

Each heat will consist of eight competitors. The runners/archers with the top 32 times advance onto the championship rounds. (Click here for official rules.)Red Bull Archer’s Paradox

  • Qualification round: 8 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.
  • Quarterfinals and semifinals: 3:20 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Finals (top eight athletes): 4 p.m. to 4:20 p.m.
  • Awards: 4:30 p.m.

We’ll do the math for you: Those eight athletes who compete the final will have run the race four times, which means they’ve covered at least 4 miles (not including any penalty laps). As for the course itself, Devil’s Head is a downhill ski/snowboard resort, so if competitors think the 1-mile wooded course will be flat, they’ll likely be in for a huge (and painful) surprise!

Red Bull Archer’s Paradox Prize Packages

  • The winner takes home $1,000 in cash plus a Mathews TRIAX compound and additional archery gear; the first-place prize package is valued at $2,723.
  • Second-place gets $700 in cash plus a Mathews TRIAX and additional archery gear; total value of $2,253.
  • Third place gets $300 cash plus a Mathews TRIAX and additional gear; total value of $1,573.

Space is limited, so be sure to grab your spot while you can. Cost per ticket is $30.

It’ll take speed, fitness and shooting precision to come out on top. Think you have what it takes?

Red Bull Archer’s Paradox

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