Editors’ Picks: Top 10 Bowhunting World Stories of 2023

Do you have a favorite article — or video — from the past year? Here’s our list of editors’ picks for top 10 Bowhunting World stories of 2023.

Editors’ Picks: Top 10 Bowhunting World Stories of 2023

As this year comes to a close, it’s fun to take a look back at some of the top Bowhunting World stories of 2023. Some of these are articles — and videos — you clicked on, liked and shared the most during the past 12 months. Others in the list are simply those deemed best by our editorial team. Did your favorite make the cut?

10. Bowhunting Advice for Closing the Deal

Shooting tips for keeping it together during bowhunting’s moment of truth.

9. My No. 1 Whitetail Deer Story of 2023

With all due respect to those bowhunters who have killed giant bucks this deer season, my No. 1 whitetail story for 2023 is a public land doe.

8. Top 5 Halloween Candies for Deer Hunters

If you get hungry — or bored — while waiting in a deer stand, then one of these five Halloween candies might take the edge off.

7. Elk Hunting Video: Bugling Bull at 4 Yards!

When elk hunting, knowing when to draw your bow is just as important as knowing when to shoot.

6. Bowhunting Video: Where to Aim on Deer Under Your Stand

When a deer is under your treestand, it’s critical to know where to aim for your arrow to penetrate both lungs.

5. Bowhunting Video: Kodiak Island Brown Bear Arrowed at Only 4 Yards!

In this 46-second video clip, you’ll see Melissa Bachman’s husband, Ben Bearshield, arrow a massive Kodiak Island brown bear at point-blank range.

4. Video: Does This Arrow Hit Two Mule Deer Bucks?

A hunter waits for a bedded muley to stand, and finally it does, offering a broadside shot. But what happens next is far from clear.

3. Bowhunting Video: Decision Time — Big Grizzly Stands, Facing You at Close Range

Carrying his recurve, Fred Eichler stalks a big grizzly on the Alaskan coastline. What happens next has to be seen to be believed.

2. ‘Incoming Robin Hood’ Video: Archer James Jean’s Most Dangerous Trick Shot

This archery trick shot falls in both the “I can’t believe what I just saw” and “don’t try this at home” categories.

1. Video: Pronghorn Jumps the String — and Results in a Quick Kill

Video often reveals what happens while an arrow is in the air, and here it shows that a bowhunter was actually lucky that a pronghorn jumped the string.


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