New High-Tech and Affordable Accessory: Cirrus Wind Indicator

Need a dependable device that will show you the wind direction, even in the dark? Check out the new Cirrus Wind Indicator.
New High-Tech and Affordable Accessory: Cirrus Wind Indicator

Cirrus Wind IndicatorCirrus Outdoors is changing the wind detection game with its innovative Cirrus Wind Indicator ($44.95).

When using the new Cirrus Wind Indicator, hunters can choose from three red or white LED lights. This allows you to monitor and check the wind and thermals in total darkness or extremely low light. (The original Cirrus Wind Indicator didn’t have lights.) Not only do the lights help you detect the wind, but they can be used as a close-range flashlight when needed as well.

In addition to the Cirrus unit working as a wind checker and flashlight, it serves as a USB charging bank for your phone.


“We tested the indicator for several years before bringing it to market,” said Cirrus Outdoors President Jim Angott. “Being the first wind indicator on the market to utilize true vaper technology, we had to make sure everything was right. Over the last year we developed our base unit into the ultimate hunting tool. Our product development team built the technology to not only have the best wind indicator on the market, but the best multi-tool as well.”

Cirrus Wind Indicator

“With all the technology we take into the woods, I find myself looking to downsize on how much I take with me to the stand,” said Mike Hecht, general manager of RubLine Marketing. “While testing the new Cirrus Wind Indicator, I had a flashlight, charger, and most importantly, a wind indicator, all in one compact unit that easily fit into my pocket.”

Cirrus Wind Indicator

Click here for more information. And check out the video below from Lancaster Archery Supply to see the new Cirrus Wind Indicator in action.


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