Out of mount space? Not anymore!

Snuggle your mounts together, or better yet, stuff ’em in a corner.

Out of mount space? Not anymore!

I love taxidermy — shoulder mounts, European, full body, you name it — and my Colorado home showcases it. My problem, as many reading this can relate to, is space. I’m always looking for more, trying to wedge another memory somewhere, somehow.

Enter Full Range Hanging Systems. An excellent way to display a pair of shoulder mounts, the Double System caught my eye immediately. The system allows you to pose a pair of mounts exactly how you want them: snuggle them close together and pull them out and away from the wall.

In addition to being a space saver, the system is a breeze to use. Simply bolt the heavy-duty steel plaque to the wall, mount the additional two plates to each decoy, insert the hanging arms and you’re done.  When you’ve achieved the desired position, simply tighten a pair of thumb screws to lock the mounts down.

New for 2018, and the product I will be dropping some coin in the coming weeks, is the new-for-2018 Corner System. This system allows you to hang shoulder mounts in, well, corners. Because the arm pulls the mount away from the wall, corner space is now mount-hanging space.

For more information, visit www.fullrangesystems.com.


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