Bow Shooting Tip: Get a (Proper) Grip

Many archery accuracy problems can be traced back to a poor grip, which causes bow torque at the moment the string is released. To become a more consistent shooter, improve your bow grip.

Bow Shooting Tip: Get a (Proper) Grip

When it comes to technique in sports, it’s true there’s no single and absolute best method. For example, walk along the practice range at any PGA event and you’ll see many similar golf swings, but each one is different. That said, there are certain principles you’ll see that almost every high-level athlete has in common when it comes to a particular sport. Using golf again as an example, the way every pro holds a golf club is very similar.

The same is true when it comes to holding a compound bow at full draw. Visit YouTube and watch videos of the best shooters on the planet and each of them grips the bow in a similar no-torque manner.

Rather than burn a bunch of words trying to describe proper bow grip in words, I’ll ask you to check out the detailed how-to video below from Josh Pflasterer.

As you can see in the top photo of this article as well as the video, Josh has a relaxed grip, with the bow sitting along the lifeline of his bow hand. Note the position of his thumb and index finger while at full draw. After release, Josh allows the bow to fall forward, but he could increase the pressure from his index finger just slightly in a hunting situation. That way, even when faced with a steep downward shot from a treestand, his bow grip would keep his compound from moving forward upon release of the bowstring.

Spring and summer is the ideal time to work at improving your shooting technique. It will pay dividends this fall.


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