Whitetail Journal's Quick Look: 2018 Miscellaneous, Awesome Hunting Gear

In this "Quick Look," we're looking at hunting tools like the Slay Bag that's a legit problem solver and a set of Survivor Fuel Disks that's all about fire.

Whitetail Journal's Quick Look: 2018 Miscellaneous, Awesome Hunting Gear

We're running a series of product "Quick Looks" this summer. Each product preview focuses on a single category, ranging from a Quick Look at new archery equipment to another previewing a few new blinds and treestands for 2018.

But as we've been selecting products, we've found these fantastic and useful tools that don't exactly fit into any single category. So, with that in mind, today's post zeros in on miscellaneous and awesome hunting products. Here they are.

The Slay Bag

The Slay Bag, made in the USA, is a unique hunting bag made from special military grade vinyl that makes it easier to drag your deer to keep it clean and protected. The Slay Bag has a 2-inch wide adjustable pull strap that allows it to be dragged by hand or, for hands-free pulling, across your body. It has an easy-access hook-and-loop strip across the top and down the full center line for simple loading and unloading, along with buckle straps for more security. An added handle at the bottom also helps with loading. The Slay Bag rinses out easily and will lasts more than one season. MSRP: $114.99  Info: www.TheSlayBag.com

12 Survivors Fuel Disks

Having a little trouble heating things up?  Made in the U.S.A. from 100 percent recycled materials, 12 Survivors Fuel Disks will get your fire going up to 1,000°F within two minutes. Submersible and waterproof, they're guaranteed to heat up regardless of moisture, and will stay lit for 30-45 minutes or longer. With no shelf life or expiration date, the 12 Survivors Fuel Disk 3-pack is a great addition to your backpack, go-bag or emergency kit. Combine the disks with the 12 Survivors Off-Grid Survival Stove and you’ll have the coffee brewing in no time. Store them together or keep 'em separated: the scoring on these discs makes it easy to split for smaller fires with a shorter duration. MSRP $5  Info: www.12Survivors.com

Happy Jack Flexenhance

Happy Jack Flexenhance Plus+ is a pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronan (also known as hyaluronic acid) that promotes the resilience of cartilage and its resistance to compression. In older dogs the degradation of cartilage around joints can cause arthritic symptoms. Creatine and glucosamine promote muscle repair after exercise. It also contains Brewer’s yeast, which can help to repel fleas. Flexenhance Plus+ comes with 100 chewable tablets to a bottle and is available in better farm feed and hardware stores. MSRP: $15  Info: www.happyjackinc.com


Infrastructure can cost thousands of dollars. Running water lines, sewage lines, electricity, etc., etc., takes time and money - lots and lots of money. Now there is an alternative for utilities in remote or newly-developed areas, or places where people want control of their utilities. In a remote or off-the-grid situation, those alternatives are: solar panels for electricity, rainwater harvest for water and the Enviro Loo (Eloo) for sanitation.

The scenario of the country acreage is not the only off-the-grid facility that can use the Eloo - there are many, many, other scenarios - for all kinds of situations. What about people that just want a few acres for the privacy - to escape the hassle and aggravation of our lives today? What about those that are preppers? What about artists or writers or homesteaders or anybody? SWSLoo can help you with an Eloo and the other utilities that you need to get free from some of the hassle. MSRP: Varies  Info: www.swsloo.com

Happy Jack Tonekote


Happy Jack Tonekote is liquid food supplement for dogs and puppies to improve dry skin, dull coat and reduce excessive shedding. These symptoms could indicate that your dog needs more essential fatty acids and vitamins that promote healthy skin and lustrous coat. Your dog’s body can’t make these key nutrients, so it’s important they’re included in his diet. Tonekote is a food supplement rich in Linoleic Acid, an essential fatty acid. Tonekote also provides Vitamins A, D and E, all vital ingredients for healthy skin and coat. Simply add Tonekote to your dog’s food. MSRP $15  Info: www.HappyJackInc.com

ScentLok 0Z20

Don’t simply mask odors in your vehicle — destroy them. The new ScentLok OZ20 Vehicle Deodorizer provides an odor-obliterating solution for hunters and non-hunters. OZ Active Odor-Destroyers by ScentLok are designed to reactivate activated carbon garments and deodorize other gear and accessories, while also keeping the environments around hunters and their gear as odor-free as possible. The OZ20 works with a 12-volt plug and has an 8-hour treatment cycle. MSRP: $39.95  Info: www.ScentLok.com


MTN OPS Ignite Trail Packs

MTN OPS Ignite Trail Packs are a convenient way to stay energized and alert in the stand, at the range or anytime. Get the most out of your training and maximize your overall performance by fueling your mind and body. Ignite’s 900mg Brain Blend includes Choline Bitartrate, Ly-Tryosine and DMAE Bitartrate to improve cognitive function, resulting in elevated mental acuteness and clarity. Additionally, using the amino acid L-Citrulline, Ignite delivers 20-plus hours release of nitric oxide providing smooth, long lasting energy as well as improved hydration, faster recovery and no jitters or crash. MSRP: $39.95  Info: www.MtnOps.com


Thermacell Radius

Early season hunts may include mosquitoes that can be disruptive, and the last thing you want to do is be wiggling or swatting at anything. ThermaCell’s Radius Zone is rechargeable, scent-free, compact, powerful, and operates with a single refill component. Powered by a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery, Radius creates a 110 square foot mosquito protection zone. Use it on your stand or in the blind to keep skeeters away so you can focus on whitetails. MSRP: $49.99  Info: www.ThermaCell.com


Decibullz’s Percussive Filters

Protecting your ears from cumulative hearing loss is one of the best and easiest things you can do to also help your hunting later in life. Decibullz are non-battery operated percussive filters that allow low-level noise in but block loud noises, like gunshots. Because of the special design they’re always ready without the need for any on-off switches or adjustments. Just put them in your ears and you’re protected. Here’s the other cool part: the earplugs, which hold the filters, are custom moldable. Just place the earplugs in warm water and then mold them to the exact shape of your ear. MSRP: Varies  Info: www.Decibullz.com

Featured Photo: Slay Bag


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