Gear Roundup: Shooting Aids for Predator Hunting

Bipods, tripods and shooting sticks — must have items that serious predator hunters should never leave home without.

Gear Roundup: Shooting Aids for Predator Hunting

Savvy predator hunters never leave home without a trusty shooting aid. (Photo: Gordy Krahn)

The key to long-range accuracy is having a solid shooting platform. This can be easily accomplished by using a shooting aid each and every time you set up to call predators. And today’s high-tech bipods, tripods and shooting sticks provide the very best options for ensuring a steady shot when Wile E. Coyote breaks the horizon. Check out this deadly dozen for one that trips your trigger.  

Blk Lbl Bipod

The advantage of having a bipod when hunting predators is undeniable, but traditional bolt-on models can be inconvenient. The integrated design of the rear-folding legs on the Blk Lbl bipod means it won’t catch on brush, branches or gear and allows the use of a standard soft rifle case or scabbard without removing the bipod. The Blk Lbl bipod’s barrel-through design allows the rifle to sit in the bipod rather than on it. The center of rotation effectively centered on the bore, makes it inherently more stable. Its ball and socket joint provides fluid movement for improved target acquisition and accuracy, with 40 degrees of pan and 15 degrees of cant in each direction. 

 MSRP: $499-$599



Briscoe’s High Tower Shooting Chair

Good visibility is paramount to success when hunting predators at night, and elevation is the key. Getting up off the ground means using ambient and artificial light to its fullest potential. It also means the sounds produced by e-callers and mouth-blown calls will reach out farther. The Briscoe High Tower Shooting Chair does just that — it gets shooters 10 to 12 feet off the ground and provides a solid rest for their rifle or shotgun. Single- and double-chair models are available for most full- and mid-size pickup trucks — the single chair model can swivel 360 degrees. And there are only three components — base, pedestal and chair — so it’s easy to install and remove. 

MSRP: Starts at $1,995/Single chair; $2,995/Dual chair.



Champion Pivot Traverse Bipods

Champion pivot traverse bipods have a rapid adjust lever that quickly locks down in any position for smoothly changing angles and positions — making target acquisition quicker and easier on uneven terrain. They also feature innovative traversing technology that enables the shooter to horizontally pan back and forth for a steady hold on moving game. No assembly is required, and the bipod legs are quick and easy to deploy. Champion pivot traverse bipods are available in 6- to 9-inch, 9- to 13-inch and 13.5- to 23-inch models.  

MSRP: $71.95-$72.45 



Elusive Wildlife Kill Light Night Stick Shooting System 

The Elusive Wildlife Night Stick shooting system gives nighttime predator hunters the utmost advantage for concealing their presence from incoming predators by maximizing their ability to hide behind their light. Designed to operate the light and rifle independently while providing maximum stability and control, the Night Stick shooting system offers a high level of control, allowing the hunter to precisely adjust the light angle. Made from aluminum with a Silent Tech rubberized finish and foam insulated grip, the Night Stick weighs only 13.5 ounces. It is adjustable from 17 to 37 inches for achieving the best sitting or kneeling positions. It is designed for 1-inch light mounting hardware and comes with a reduced glare carbon black finish.  

MSRP $39.99 

CONTACT: www.elusivewildlife


Harris Engineering Picatinny Rail Mount Bipods

Harris Engineering now offers a line of canting bipods that mount directly to a Picatinny rail. For quick attachments, the user simply tightens the knurled nut on the side of the mount. To detach, the knurled nut is loosened until it comes in contact with the lock nut. For a more permanent mount, the knurled nut is tightened down and then the lock nut is tightened until it’s against the knurled nut. These bipods will mount to any rifle with a Picatinny rail and feature spring-loaded folding legs that are adjustable for height and come in various sizes for use in any shooting position. 

MSRP: $159.02-$231.72 

CONTACT: (270) 334-3633


Hunter’s Specialties Shooter’s Stick

The Shooter’s Stick from Hunter’s Specialties provides a stable, lightweight, portable rifle rest for any type of ground-based shooting. Its monopod design features a rubberized, contoured gun rest, foam handle, wrist strap and a bungee cord for attaching the rest to the gun’s barrel. With a pair of quick-release leg locks, the heavy-gauge, lightweight aluminum shaft quickly adjusts from 17 to 36 inches in length. This essential piece of hunting gear fits easily in a hunting vest or backpack, so it’s always close at hand and ready for deployment. 

MSRP: $9.99


Kopfjäger Ambush Shooting Rest Kit

Kopfjäger’s Ambush Shooting Rest Kit provides a rock-solid solution for fighting fatigue and ensures a precise shot while inside a deer blind. Using the included 7- to 10-inch bipod, the Ambush’s arm securely grips the blind’s wall and secures the firearm, locking it in the perfect shooting position above the blind’s window ledge. Included in the kit is the premium Reaper Grip shooting rest. Its curved grip anchors rifles to the bottom of the rest while the specially designed grip pivots to stabilize tapered and straight stocks and chassis. Hunters can remain hands-free and ready and free up valuable space in the blind with the Ambush Shooting Rest Kit. 

 MSRP: $499.97

Predator Tactics Deadeye Rifle Tripod System 

The Deadeye by Predator Tactics is a premium tripod shooting system that increases accuracy in the field, attaching to rifles via a Picatinny or Nato rail for a secure shooting platform — adjustable from 17.5 to 70 inches. The shooter can quickly switch between rubber and spiked feet without the use of tools, and its 360-degree hands-free operation allows the user to pan, rotate and tilt the rifle to stay on target when things get interesting. The Deadeye has an aluminum matte finish and is rated to hold up to 26 pounds.  

MSRP: $249.95



Primos Gen 3 Tall Tripod Trigger Stick

The Gen 3 Tall Tripod Trigger Stick from Primos allows shooters to make quick and steady one-hand adjustments to get on the mark faster. Whether sitting, kneeling or standing, simply squeeze the trigger for a last-second micro-adjustment without losing the sight picture. And now the Gen 3 Trigger Stick has been upgraded to perform even better, with an advanced design that incorporates a Quick Detach yoke system that allows for easy transitions from a shooting stick to smooth panning support for optics or cameras. It adjusts from 24 to 62 inches and its extreme leg angles give the user the versatility to set up quickly on any terrain in nearly any position. 

MSRP: $189.99



Swagger Steelbanger Basic Bipod

Featuring Flex Ready technology, extendable legs and lightweight materials, the Steelbanger Basic bipod from Swagger is a modern twist on a simple, classic design — providing shooters with a stable platform and fast target acquisition. This bipod was designed for shooting enthusiasts and hunters — those with the need to quickly acquire multiple or moving targets. It mounts directly to a Picatinny rail, making it a good fit for MSRs and precision rifles. Designed for shooting from the prone position or a bench rest, the Steelbanger Basic weighs just 15 ounces, extends from 4 to 10 inches and features one-hand adjustment.  

MSRP: $149.99



Truglo Solid•Shot Shooting Sticks

Predator hunters who want to increase stability and accuracy in the field when shooting their favorite fur rifles and shotguns should take a look at Truglo’s Solid·Shot shooting sticks.

Their rotating head is designed for easier aiming with minimal leg movement, and a rubberized V–brace head provides a snug and versatile fit. Built tough using lightweight aluminum and composite construction, the Solid·Shot has comfortable foam grips that are great for cold or wet weather conditions and twist-lock adjustable legs. Carbide tips or included rubberized feet provide traction on a variety of surfaces. Includes carrying case with shoulder strap.  

MSRP: $36



Ultrec Quick-Change Carbon Fiber Tripod 

At only 31 ounces, Ultrec’s Quick-Change carbon fiber self-supporting tripod shooting sticks are lightweight and easy to deploy — featuring the company’s Posi-Lock accessory retention system locks/unlocks the V-bracket with the push of a button. Their three-section telescoping legs are made from lightweight carbon fiber tubing and will not bend or kink. The tripod also features a protective rubberized gun support for quiet operation that rotates 360 degrees for easy target alignment. Operation is simple, with a flip tab lock mechanism for the legs and a Velcro strap to secure the legs in the closed position while transporting. An 8-inch foam grip is standard on each leg.

MSRP: $159.95



Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Sticks

Vanguard’s Quest T62U is a durable, heavy-gauge aluminum alloy, all-in-one tripod, bipod and monopod shooting sticks, featuring a soft foam, contoured hand grip and anti-slip rubber feet. Its removable U-shaped yoke with rubber fins swivels 360 degrees, so it’s possible to take shots at every angle without repositioning and a removable yoke has a universal ¼-inch thread bolt that accommodates spotting scopes, camcorders and cameras. The Quest T62U weighs just over 2 pounds and folds to less than 2.5 feet in height. For use as a bipod, simply unscrew its removable third leg. To use as a monopod, the user can attach the removable U-shaped yoke to the removable leg.  

MSRP: $79.99



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