Deer Crashes Through Window Of Arkansas Home

Deer provides an “interesting alarm clock” for one Arkansas couple, who recorded the intrusion.
Deer Crashes Through Window Of Arkansas Home

A couple in northwestern Arkansas awoke to a surprise earlier this week after a deer crashed through a front window of their home.

Danny Spears of Farmington, Arkansas, told local TV station KATV he and his wife were lying in bed on Dec. 13 when they heard the crash of the window, which he said sounded like the “house was falling down.” Spears said the intrusion provided an “interesting alarm clock.”

Spears knew no one would believe a deer broke into his home, so he immediately grabbed his wife’s phone and began recording his attempts to get the deer out of his house. Spears was able to eventually open two doors, which allowed the deer to return to the wilderness.

Spears said there wasn’t much damage beyond the broken window other than a toppled Christmas tree. Spears told reporters he believes the animal cut its tongue when breaking through the window since it left blood spatters around the living room.


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