Self-Filmed Video: Monster Late-Season Muzzleloader Buck in Iowa

Tagging a mature whitetail buck during late-season is usually a challenge, and that’s especially true on public land.

Self-Filmed Video: Monster Late-Season Muzzleloader Buck in Iowa

This 7-minute YouTube hunting video was self-filmed and edited by Cody Huhn. Here, he’s carrying a muzzleloader, and earlier in the Iowa deer season he spent a lot of time pursuing mature bucks with archery gear.

During a public land pre-season scouting mission in August, he found a standing cornfield next to some turnips. Through experience he knows that such an area should be a hotspot after the cold and snow arrive to the Midwest.

Cody begins filming as he leaves the truck on the afternoon of December 28. To use a sports analogy, it’s late in the fourth quarter. He bumps a couple antlerless deer on his way to finding a suitable tree for his hang-on stand, and by the time he’s settled, there’s only about an hour of shooting time remaining.

As you’ll see, whitetails soon begin pouring out of the woods to hit the prime food source. The first deer are doe/fawn families, but eventually a mature buck arrives just before dark. The footage isn’t ideal due to the low light, but you’ll still have a good sense of his encounter. When he finally pulls the trigger, the buck is within bow range.

This video is a good lesson to keep working — keep hunting — until the very last minute of every day in the field, and every deer season.


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