New Turkey & Small Game Broadheads for 2011

Help your customers reap more enjoyment from the sport and add to your bottom line by offering these specialized heads that are just plain fun to shoot.
New Turkey & Small Game Broadheads for 2011

Every year it seems more bowhunters are realizing how much fun turkey and small game bowhunting can be. Below are a few heads that can help hunters put more longbeards, squirrels, and “wascally wabbits” in the freezer. Turkey hunters, especially, are being targeted by innovative companies seeking to inspire a new and exciting challenge. As the popularity of bowhunting longbeards increases, so does the selection of broadheads designed to harvest them.

gobbler guillotine diamond edition

Arrowdynamic Solutions

Arrowdynamic Solutions (512-515-6299;, makers of the Gobbler Guillotine, was one of the first broadhead companies to manufacture a broadhead designed to lop the head off a lovesick longbeard. The Diamond Edition Gobbler Guillotine has four 3-inch blades that create a 3x3-inch cutting width. So, even if a hunter’s aim is slightly off, he may still hit the mark. When the razor-sharp blades pile into a turkey’s neck region, the bird usually loses its head. The Diamond Edition’s beefed up titanium blades don’t require sleeves over them like previous models. Blades are reversible, so each head can be used multiple times. When one side is worn out, flip the blades over for a “new” broadhead.

magnus bullhead broadhead

Magnus Broadheads

Magnus Broadheads (620-793-9222; offers the unique Bullhead for hardcore turkey hunters. The Bullhead has three long offset blades that help increase the arrow’s accuracy in flight. Bullhead blades are an impressive .048-inch-thick stainless steel. It is available in a 100-grain model with a deadly 2.75-inch cutting diameter and a 125-grain model that has an even more-impressive 4-inch cutting diameter. Both heads are designed for exciting head and neck shots.

innerloc claw broadhead


Innerloc (706-782-5863; is best known for its unique blade alignment technology, which it has used to produce the Claw, a small game device that works well on turkeys. The Claw is small and resembles the claw of a bird of prey. It sits behind the Falcon broadhead, which destroys flesh and quickly devastates a small game animal while the Claw hammers into the animal, creating shock and reducing penetration. The resulting “one-two punch” brings animals down quickly.


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