Bloodsport: On the bleeding edge

Bloodsport's new 2017 broadhead lineup includes the Gravedigger Extreme, Night Fury Extreme, Nitefall and the High Voltage.
Bloodsport: On the bleeding edge

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“We dream in clean kill shots and deep wound channels. We are archery hunters; we are Bloodsport. Welcome to the bleeding edge of archery.”

That’s the quote on the Bloodsport website just above the link that invites you to learn more about the company. It makes it hard to resist clicking to read further about Bloodsport, which is unique in that it builds broadheads, inserts and arrows, creating a complete hunting package engineered for optimal performance. Special features like the patented Blood Ring — a specially designed white ring around the arrow shaft that lets you better see and identify the type of blood on your arrow so you know how long to wait before tracking — and the R.O.C. (Reliable Outsert Component) System — a reinforced outsert that draws strength by connecting to a stable insert, helping the arrow absorb the shock of impact and eliminating the bending that can occur with micro-diameter arrows — set Bloodsport apart.

New broadheads for 2017 from Bloodsport include such impressive options as the Gravedigger Extreme, Night Fury Extreme, Nitefall and the High Voltage.

Many bowhunters (as well as many big-game animals) are familiar with Bloodsport’s original Gravedigger. Surprisingly, Bloodsport was able to surpass the devastation the Gravedigger delivered with the new Gravedigger Extreme. This hybrid mechanical broadhead features hardened stainless-steel blades that open to an incredible 2¼-inch cutting diameter, as well as a 1¼-inch fixed blade. A patented blade-retention system keeps blades closed until entry, eliminating the need for rubber bands or O-rings, and the Gravedigger Extreme gives you the ability to control the tension on the expanding blades. That means you get full control and adjustability based on the animal you’re hunting and your arrow velocity.

Gravedigger Extreme

The hybrid design ensures that the broadhead cannot fail, no matter what. Designed for use with both compound bows and crossbows, the Gravedigger Extreme delivers superior penetration for maximum blood loss.

Two Gravedigger Extreme models are available. There’s a chisel tip model and a cut-on-contact model. Both are 100 grains.

Also new this year is the Night Fury Extreme. With its two curved, cross-opening blades, this wicked head delivers a cutting diameter of 2¼ inches. Thanks to the blade-retention system, the Night Fury Extreme doesn’t need rubber bands or O-rings, which means there’s very little energy loss. That makes for exceptional penetration in addition to the field-point accuracy. An integrated chisel tip rounds out this phenomenal broadhead, which can be shot with compounds or crossbows.

Night Fury Extreme

Bloodsport fans have been asking for a rear-deploying mechanical. This year, those requests have been answered in a big way with the Nitefall. This 100-grain head features a large, 1-inch triangular blade with two surgical-sharp mechanical blades that fold into the ferrule for streamlined flight. A chisel tips completes the package. This wicked-looking broadhead offers no-fail performance thanks to the hybrid design, while the mechanical blades open to deliver a 2-inch cutting diameter. With the mechanical blades positioned behind the point, the Nitefall boasts impressive accuracy and penetration. A patent-pending lock holds the blades in position. The Nitefall can be used with both compounds and crossbows.


Those introductions are exciting enough. But for 2017, Bloodsport also introduced a three-blade mechanical: the High Voltage. Featuring an integrated chisel tip, a 416 hardened steel ferrule and 420 stainless-steel blades, the High Voltage delivers a 2-inch cutting diameter and exceptional field-point accuracy. Like other heads in the Bloodsport lineup, the High Voltage features the patented Blade Retention System to keep the blades closed until entry, which means no rubber bands or O-rings. Upon impact, the three blades open simultaneously for the kind of devastation that allows a company to proclaim they’re “on the bleeding edge.” The 100-grain High Voltage can be used with both compounds and crossbows.

High Voltage

So whether you prefer a mechanical, a hybrid or a rear-deploying mechanical, Bloodsport has you covered this year. Pair one of these heads with a Bloodsport arrow to take advantage of the performance you get when both broadhead and arrow are built side by side.

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