Add Thermal Capability to Your Hunting Scope With ATN’s TICO LT

Got a hunting rifle and favorite scope already rigged up? ATN’s TICO can give you the advantage of thermal imagery without having to change your scope.

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Add Thermal Capability to Your Hunting Scope With ATN’s TICO LT

With hog and coyote populations spiraling out of control in many parts of the country and states opening up nighttime hunting for these pests and other game, hunters everywhere are starting to give thermal optics another look. Fortunately, prices have come down out of the stratosphere as the technology advances, putting thermal within reach for hunters who couldn’t have afforded it just a few years ago.

Unlike night-vision optics, which rely on ambient light, thermal optics actually “see heat,” which means they work as well during the day as they do at night. (You can check out more details about how thermal works here.) They’re helpful for finding game that might be hiding in brush or snow — day or night — and for tracking wounded or downed game after dark. And, of course, thermal lets you see live game in the dark, which is just the ticket for nighttime predator hunters.

So you’re sold on the benefits of thermal, but all of your rifles already have nice scopes on them. Do you really have to buy new glass?

 ATN has your answer in the form of the TICO LT series. The TICO is a clip-on device that attaches to the end of any non-thermal riflescope and allows you to see through the scope in thermal vision. It mounts to your scope (and optionally to a Weaver rail) in just a couple of seconds and won’t affect your zero, and with eight-plus hours of continuous use, you can hunt all day or night without worrying about dead batteries. The internal battery recharges easily back at camp when the hunt is over.

“We want to provide a seamless experience for those traditionalists that have traditional setups. By offering cutting-edge technology at a great price, if we can convert more hunters and get them comfortable using electro-optics in order to enhance their experience and provide them with more opportunities to hunt, the industry benefits as a whole,” said Marc Vayn, CMO of ATN Corp. 

The TICO LT comes with your choice of sensor: 160x120 or 320x240. The difference between the two is the accuracy and resolution of the thermal image — the higher-resolution models (320x240 sensor) are capable of detecting smaller game at distance, and they provide a better quality image. In addition, three lens options are available: 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. Lens choice comes down to field of view and magnification: A 25mm lens will have a wider field of view and a lower magnification, while a 50mm lens will have a narrower field of view and a higher magnification. The 35mm lens is a versatile in-between option.

The TICO uses ATN’s Obsidian LT Core with 12 micron sensors, offering the best possible image quality and extended ranges. Choose from two different color modes — white hot or black hot — to view on the 1280x960 HD display. The base model, the TICO LT 160 25mm, has a human detection range of 625 yards and a human identification range of 210 yards. The TICO is weather-resistant and designed to function in extreme temperatures — from -20 F to 120 F — and will add just 1.2 pounds to your setup.

So you have your perfect hog rifle rig already set up just the way you want it, with a great traditional scope. You’ve been hunting with it for years. Everything about the setup is intuitive, and you know it so well that operating it is second nature. Of course you don’t want to change it now! But thanks to ATN, you can go thermal without having to change out your glass. Clip on the TICO and you’re ready to hunt, day or night. Your scope will still function as it always has; the magnification lever will still be effective at reasonable ranges, although it’s recommended you stay below about 10X to avoid pixilation in the thermal image.

This kind of best-of-both-worlds technology is something we couldn’t have even imagined a few years ago. Now, it can be had for an MSRP of just $1,699, depending on the model. A three-year warranty on the TICO is included. This is a brand-new product launch, but you can get your hands on one as soon as the end of October.

Of course, laws regarding night hunting and the use of thermal imagery vary state to state; be sure to check your local regulations. But where it’s allowed, ATN’s TICO LT can help take your hunting to the next level while still letting you hold on to the traditional gear you love.


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