Enter here to win the 2017 Bowhunt the Rut Sweepstakes!

Are you bowhunting the rut this season? Enter here for a chance to win some killer bowhunting gear!

Enter here to win the 2017 Bowhunt the Rut Sweepstakes!

Got bucks on the brain? 'Tis the season! That's why The Outdoor Group, which manufactures some of the best archery equipment available today, is giving away the Bowhunt the Rut prize package listed below valued at over $2,200!

Entry is simple. Check out each of the six products being given away below, then fill out the form below with your name, ZIP code and email, along with your favorite memory of hunting during the rut. We'll select the winner through a random drawing on December 31, 2017.

What are you waiting for? Complete the form at the end of this page, for your chance to win this killer prize package!

The following products are included in the prize package:

Elite Enlist

Recently, Elite Archery (877-503-5483) introduced the first bow of its 2018 lineup. That exciting introduction is the Elite, and, like you might expect from an Elite, it’s all about shootability. With its two-track cam system, 6 7/8-inch brace height and forged machined riser, the Enlist reaches speeds of 325 fps but weighs just 3.9 pounds. The Enlist is available in black/black or in camo/black and comes standard with Winner’s Choice bowstrings. The new bow offers the fit and finish that have made Elite a top bow manufacturer but for a remarkable MSRP of just $749.


CamX Crossbows (888-226-3979) burst onto the scene last year with the exciting X330. Built with the hunter in mind, the X330 measures 22 inches wide when cocked (19 ½ inches axle to axle) and 35 ½ inches long, and it weighs just 6 pounds, 14 ounces (8 ½ pounds when outfitted with a scope, quiver and four arrows). Time-X Cams boast precision-engraved timing indicators for perfect cam-to-cam synchronization, and the comfortable Comfortek Stock offers adjustable length of pull, dual carry handles and a built-in accessory insert. Best of all, the X330, which reaches speed of 330 to 332 is incredibly easy to assemble, so shooters can get out into the field faster.

Slick Trick RaptorTrick

The streamlined profile of the new RaptorTrick ($48/4-pack) from Slick Trick (585-201-5354) promotes killer flight out of the fastest bows – even crossbows. Two .035-inch-thick steel blades open up on impact to deliver nasty wound channels (with a 2-inch cutting diameter) with the help of the four-edge, bone-splitting tip. To ensure that the blades remain closed in flight – no matter what poundage of bow they are shot from – the 100-grain RaptorTrick is designed with a multi-position O-ring. Simply move the O-ring to the correct notch for your setup and the broadhead will do its job correctly during every shot.

Duel Game Calls Rolling Thunder Stretchback Bugle

The newest call from Duel Game Calls (855) 802-0865), the Rolling Thunder Stretchback Bugle, features the unique ability to sound like a bull on the move. The patented technology allows the caller to position the flexible StretchTone tube in varying directions, mimicking a animal in motion, which is proven to lure the bull in closer. The Rolling Thunder bugle is guaranteed to stay flexible, even when the weather isn’t, and therefore grants the novice and experienced caller a reliable system with unlimited options. Available in Mossy Oak Mountain Country, this compact, easy-to-pack, 17-inch bugle features adjustable single-layer reeds and different diameter resonating chambers for more realistic sounds.


The SL4 ($150) from Custom Bow Equipment (606-663-2734) is designed to be tough — something backcountry hunters can depend on in those difficult mountain conditions. The lightweight housing is built from a composite blend and fitted with CBE’s ArmedGuard Fiber Management System to protect the four .019 Rhino pins from breakage. Even the bolts are stainless steel to ward off rust. Backed with 12 inches of optical fiber, the pins are plenty bright whether you’re in the dark timber or open meadows. The sight offers easy windage and gang elevation adjustments with laser-engraved reference markings and a quick-view window, and CBE’s Tough as Nails guarantee ensures quick repair or replacement should your SL4 get damaged for any reason.

Scott Archery Echo

Always on the cutting edge, Scott Archery (606-663-2734) raises the bar once again with the new Echo ($130) releases. The unique asymmetrical design of the Echo features a Hyper Jaw system that delivers perfect synchornization to remove lateral torque coming from inconsistent shooting form. Its smooth and crisp Roller Trigger System offers separate trigger travel and tension adjustments, and the curved trigger design helps provide consistent finger placement.


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Featured photo by Nick Trehearne Photography


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