GutCheck Shot Indicators

GutCheck has developed a new tool that gives bowhunters immediate feedback regarding arrow placement.

GutCheck Shot Indicators

By applying a chemical that reacts to digestive fluids, GutCheck arrow wipe shot indicators turn hunters into forensic detectives, using technology to ascertain whether their arrow made a clean pass through the vitals or through the digestive tract of the animal and determine what their next course of action should be. Should the arrow pass through the acid-containing digestive tract of the animal, the indicator will immediately change color. With that important information, hunters can determine whether it’s safe to pursue the animal or back out and wait for the animal to expire before taking up the blood trail. GutCheck indicators take away the guesswork. Species-specific shot indicators are available for whitetails, black bears, elk, mule deer, moose, wild hogs and turkeys. MSRP: $14.97. Contact:

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