Easton Archery Sonic 6.0 Hunting Arrow

The Easton Archery Sonic 6.0 arrow is engineered for high-performance speed and hunting accuracy.

Easton Archery Sonic 6.0 Hunting Arrow

The new 6mm Easton Archery Sonic 6.0 hunting arrow is built from scratch in the USA using Easton’s seamless Acu-Carbon process for 100 percent weight and spine consistency from shaft to shaft and from dozen to dozen. Lighter overall mass weight also provides for a wider-range of arrow build options — from lightweight speed setups to high-FOC/high-momentum heavyweights. The Sonic 6.0 features another Easton first — helical fletching utilizing a 2-inch Bully vane, designed exclusively for Easton by Bohning to provide top-notch broadhead accuracy. The Sonic 6.0 is available in six spines (250, 300, 340, 400, 500 and 600), providing a high-performance option for every bowhunter. MSRP: $89.99/Six-pack fletched. Contact: www.eastonarchery.com

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