Predator hunting contests: what's your take on them?

Predator hunting contests: what's your take on them?

Predator calling contests are ramping up in parts of the country, which means it's time for some outdoors fun.

A little competition is  good thing, especially when it's beneficial to the local wildlife by taking out predators like coyotes and bobcats. Maybe raccoons and other predtors, depending on the event. Some even include mountain lions. Testing your skills with a rifle, camo setups, choosing the right locations, and calling 'yotes or bobs in for a shot is fun.

One of the hottest contests going is the Lone Star Predator Calling Classic, which is this wekend in Lampasas, Texas. The event features teams of up to four callers and hunters, cash and other sponsor prizes, "bounties, bonuses and contingencies," side pots, food fromToupsies Cajun restaurant of Lampasas and other goodies. Sponsors including Hoffpauir Group, Nikon, Hornady, Lone Star Outdoor News and others are supportive.

I've competed in bass fishing tournaments and bowfishing tournaments, but never a predator contest like these. Going wide open for 24 hours for predators? Holy smokes, that sounds like incredible fun.

About 10 or so years ago I visited Lubbock, Texas, and did some nighttime hunting for coyotes and bobcats. We were using custom-built .223 rifles with mounted SureFire lights and Zeiss optics. Loved it. Definitely needed a few Red Bulls.

Calling contests like these can be great ways to get young hunters involved, too. Along with the camaraderie, learning about calling and hunting, and possibly winning some cash and prizes, they're outdoors in the sun or under the stars. That's not a bad thing, either.

What's your take on predator calling and hunting contests like these?


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