Best new e-callers from 2018 SHOT Show

SHOT Show is the best time to see the year’s new, exciting products. For e-callers, 2018 SHOT Show was no different.

Best new e-callers from 2018 SHOT Show

Featured image: ICOtec has a number of new e-callers for 2018, including The Outlaw.

The growth of e-callers has been nothing but beneficial for predators. Each year SHOT Show marks an opportunity to see the newest and most improved technologies manufacturers are putting into callers. This year was no different. Here are some of the best e-callers hitting the market this year.


ICOtec has a big 2018 coming, and it starts with the release of its new e-caller The Outlaw. The new e-caller can play two sounds at once but also has the options of pausing one sounds while another plays, by providing two separate pause and play buttons. The remote, which has a range of 300 yards, has a large, easy-to-read display and day or night options. The Outlaw can hold up to 450 sounds internally.

One neat option that comes with The Outlaw is its night-hunting option. Along with the camouflage coloring, this e-caller also comes in a black option. The remote’s option of a night setting is very beneficial for the growing sport of night hunting.

ICOtec’s big year will continue in several months with the GEN 2 Evolutionary on its GC500, GC350, GC320 and GC300 calls. For more information, visit



The iHunt by Ruger was one of 2017’s top innovations. iHunt has built off the momentum of the predator-calling app by releasing the Predator caller and decoy for 2018.

The new Predator caller comes with the iHunt by Ruger app, which offers more than 150 predator calling sounds, for free. The Predato caller features a camouflage that resembles a rock and decoy atop. Its dual speakers play souds up to 110 dB.

Needing only the app, you can set delays, play multiple sounds and adjust volumes while creating unlimited playlists. The app also includes daily updated solar/lunar tables, current weather, compass and other great hunting tools.

The Predator caller is the latest caller option from iHunt. It measures 12 x 12 x 16 inches. For more information, visit

Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck has built off the success of 2017’s Revolution e-caller to create a new mid-range caller in its lineup, the Riot. This new caller, which is above the Rebel and below the Revolt and the Revolution, features a compact, handheld design that is topped with a motorized decoy. The e-caller comes with 50 preloaded sounds and can hold up to 2,000. It’s remote works beyond 300 yards. For more information, visit

Other Considerations

It's not all about predator e-callers. Accessories and other callers are worth acknowledging. Here are two products that caught our eye:

-MOJO Outdoors Critter 2: MOJO Outdoors really made a name for itself with the Super Critter several years ago. For this year’s SHOT Show, the conversation in the MOJO booth centered around the Critter 2.

This durable, user-friendly features a durable body, built-in tripod, drop-in battery holder and clips to hold both legs and topper when not in use. The decoy is designed to be visible and tantalizing for predators, with the tur topper holding actions that attract predators and hold their attention. The MOJO Critter 2 has a $39.99 MSRP. For more information, visit

-FOXPRO SNOW PRO: The 2018 SHOT Show included the rarity of FOXPRO not having a new predator e-caller, but the manufacturer did have one new product in the calling category.

FOXPRO’s new SNOW PRO comes with 75 pre-loaded sounds and a 300-sound capacity, including 37 snow goose sounds. It comes with two internal speaks but has the capacity of four. For more information, visit


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