Tree Stand Buddy

Tree Stand Buddy

The Tree Stand Buddy was designed to provide a much safer treestand-installation process. The hoisting feature allows you to climb your tree without having to simultaneously carry your treestand to the desired height. Users enjoy a much safer hunting experience since the bracket system increases safety and stability – no more wobbling.

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) saw the Tree Stand Buddy at the 2010 ATA Trade Show and liked it so much that it’s looking to incorporate the product into its training seminars and safety videos included with each treestand purchase.

Tree Stand Buddy was recently tested by Scientific Testing Laboratories, the same company that performs all TMA testing and treestand ratings. Tree Stand Buddy’s bracket system withstood 935 pounds of weight force without any movement to the brackets before the treestand that it was attached to failed.

Thus, the benefits of the Tree Stand Buddy are endless. Tree Stand Buddy saves time and money, and it provides safety, comfort and affordability. The company’s goal is to bring the general public one of the best new products in years so that hunting can be a safer, more enjoyable experience for all.

To summarize the product, Tree Stand Buddy is an innovative and universal mounting accessory for hang-on stands. It consists of a bracket and receiver system that’s compatible with virtually all single- or double-post hang-on treestands. The bracket attaches to the stand, while the receiver attaches to the tree with two TSB Ultimate Ratchet straps that come with the starter kit.

Not only does the Tree Stand Buddy make treestand hunting safer and simpler, but it also allows you to use one treestand with multiple receivers preplaced at various locations. This is one of your greatest assets when playing the wind. When you’re finished hunting, taking the stand down is easier and quieter than imaginable. And, when you return for another hunt, you can rest assured your stand will be positioned exactly how it was during a previous hunt once attached to the bracket.

Tree Stand Buddy offers three purchase options through its online store. The TSB Starter Kit includes a bracket, receiver, ratchet straps and hardware needed to accommodate a single- or double-post hang-on stand. The package costs $129. Once you have a starter kit and want to add receivers so you can expand your hunting locations, the TSB Receiver Two-Pack can be purchased at a regular price of $110. Finally, the TSB Ultimate Ratchet Strap System, which includes two straps, sells for a regular price of $29.95.

Tree Stand Buddy is committed to making treestand hunting safer and simpler. Use its products, and you’ll agree.

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