Signs of the tines

Local hunter covers entire back window with hunting decals. And, thanks to this mobile library of hunting brands, people look to him as an expert.
Signs of the tines

James Earl Grayson never expected that very first decal he affixed would one day lead to the back window of his Silverado 4x4 being filled with his favorite hunting logos. Nearly nine years later the last visible real estate on that deeply tinted rear glass has become neatly covered.

The all white ’08 Chevy work truck is a traveling billboard of archery and outdoor brands. “When I bought the truck, I knew I needed to do something. It was just kinda plain.” Shortly after purchase James affixed a Realtree decal on the back window to demonstrate his hunting pride and affinity for camo.

The obsession didn’t stop there. Grayson realized a fair amount of his hunting collection came with white decals supplied by the manufacturer. “When I bought my Hoyt Contender I took that sticker and placed it exact opposite of Realtree. But then everything looked a little out of whack.” Grayson admits to being slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to decals, “I began placing stickers based on size and equipment type. Archery on the passenger side bigger ones on the bottom, smaller on top, clothing on the driver’s side and random hunting stuff in the middle.”

The library of hunting brands on his back window leads people to look to him as an expert. “A lot of guys will ask me why I shoot a Mathews or why I use Vortex, because they see the stickers. They know I have a lot of experience with these brands.” He chooses to keep his back window professional as well, no urinating cartoon characters or political messages on Grayson’s glass.

Sometimes the decals can even lead to greater opportunities, “One time in the Cabela’s parking lot a guy drove up beside me and said, ‘thanks for choosing Easton’ and it turns out I think he was the East Coast Regional Sales Rep for Easton arrows. That’s what the lady at the checkout said anyway.” While the encounter did not turn into any lasting friendship, it did get Grayson to switch back to Easton, “I had been shooting Victory arrows for a few years, but when that guy pulled up an thanked me, that meant something. Besides, Victory doesn’t give out stickers.”

Just as Grayson’s transparent canvas had been completed, he opted to trade his trusty truck in on a brand new all black GMC Sierra. So what does the future of Grayson’s back glass hold? “I’ve got an Instagram account where I post all of my kills and pictures of my truck. I’m hoping if I get a decent following I can pick up a few sponsors or maybe at least some free stuff.”

We hope you can nab a sponsorship too, James. We dropped a Bowhunting World decal in today’s mail for you to get started.

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