Gun enthusiast vanishes after repeatedly saying, “come and get me!”

Kentucky man has not been seen by family or friends in more than three weeks. He was last seen by his wife on their front porch.
Gun enthusiast vanishes after repeatedly saying, “come and get me!”

This hound takes a rest from searching for missing firearms enthusiast. Photo: iStock

Officials are baffled at the disappearance of a Kentucky man who repeatedly proclaimed on social media posts that anyone who disliked his politics and love of firearms should “Come and get me!”

Charles Thomas Wilson, of Garnett, Kentucky, has not been seen by family or friends in more than three weeks. Last seen by his wife on their front porch at his modest rural home, Wilson, 58, was working on his turkey vest in preparation for the spring hunting season.

Wilson was known among his friends and family for his strong social media presence. He often proclaimed that anyone who disliked him could, “Come and get me!” Wilson retired from his longtime job in 2011 after winning $758,000 in the Kentucky Powercats lottery. Since then, he has devoted his time to creating custom turkey calls and growing organic onions to sell to “farm to table” restaurants in Lexington.

"I had to go to th' Walmarks to get some feminine items," said Glenda Wilson, who has been married to Charles Wilson for 39 years. "When I got back he was gone and all his stuff was still here like his can of dip and four EDC guns and all his EDC knives, flashlights and MagBag carry kit. I saw what looked like some boot drag marks off the front porch.

"I knowed them folks come and got him. I kept telling him for years to quit saying "Come and get me!" or they's goin'ta do it. My cousin locked his eyes together like that when he was a kid and ev'ryone said they's goin'ta stay crosseyed and they did. Same thing with my husband. They finally come and got him, I guess."

Officials with the Cross County Sheriff’s Department, Kentucky Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigations are working together to pursue leads. Little information has been released to the public, however, about what they know or which direction the leads may be taking them.

“Due to the ongoing investigation we’re unable to say anything,” said Steve Calhoun, KBI chief investigator and spokesman for the agencies. “We are working with Mr. Wilson’s family to examine Mr. Wilson’s social media footprint for anything that might lead us to him. That, at the moment, appears to be the most plausible possibility for this unfortunate situation. Anyone with information can contact us at 1-800-777-FOOL to speak with someone.”

Mrs. Wilson said her husband rarely disappeared from their 327 acres other than to go raccoon hunting during winter. Then, she said, he might be gone for a day or two “chasin’ them crazy hounds on a hot track” but other than that, they have not been apart for this long.

“We don’t even get away from each other during deer season,” she said. “I had to visit my sister in Georgia a few years ago when she had a bunch of them nasty skin polyps removed from her arms and Charlie went with me. We don’t get out too much. I knowed them folks just came and got him.”

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